Annabell sits at her window

Gazing at the autumn sky

Prays that Christ will come and save her soul

Drifting out into the garden

Holding close to father's shame

Fighting back the bitter ages song

Oh Annabell - When will you see

There's nothing left inside

At dawn we dream

Promises of love forever

Hand and hand into the fields

Curses prey upon a heart so young

Everything she's ever wanted

Clinging to his velvet lies

Anything to take away the pain

On and on into the season

Waiting for his serenade

Ghosts will dance for one last crimson kiss

Cast away times endless circle

Haunting statues in a spell

Tears of blood betrayed by mornings light.

©Seraphim Shock

Because Annabel is the name that my best friend inspired me and it became my other name. I had a song from this band since long ago, but I didn't listen until a few days ago. And the song fits me. :)

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