Even Photos Age

Last year I found this portrait in an abandoned house in Thasos. It struck me, maybe because it reminded me of good horror films where one would find an odd looking portrait in the middle of a deserted asylum, maybe of the mad doctor who used to run it. The next year, I searched for it when I went back to that place and I found it: unmoved by human hands and touched only by the weather. But it even seemed that the man in the portrait aged.

Even photos age, you know? And I mean it metaphorically. I am fascinated by age, by experience, by touching each wrinkle that rekindles a memory and a state. I always liked it. I was never into fair skin and perfect faces. If I were a boy, I'd have been one of those who dated older women.

So as I looked into that old portrait, I remained stuck in time. I don't know how many people had noticed it or went the next year to see how it looks. If there are, I'd like to meet them. I got to care about this portrait, although I don't know who the man is. I even thought to break in and take it, but the spell would disappear. Its purpose is to be there, stuck in time, not protected, but aged by weather and not years.

So I thought: I want to be aged by weather, too. That would mean that I could simply choose to be immortal otherwise. I don't ever want to die. Death is only for observation to me, so if you were wondering how come that death fascinates me so much, there you go.

But leaving aside these rather utopic dreams, I like this photo. And a question: I had to subscribe to my master's degree with a theme and I chose Nihilism. Do you want me to publish the essay? :)

If not, I'll still publish it probably. The question was more rhetoric, y'know. And I wanted to thank Michael for finding "STEALING HOME" for me. :)


Michael said...

You're welcome :">
Anyway, Google is the one you should be thanking. It does all the dirty work :P

Shimmaya said...

I would love to read you essay,so please do publish it ^^

Desolate said...

le am si la fav pe deviantart ^^