Happy Birthday Mark Harmon!


You're my blessing and inspiration and for being such a kind and young at heart man, I know for sure that you will enjoy this day in the craziest way possible!

I really feel that we're connected and you literally made my day. I will make it short: I am still in Thassos. After a morning on the beach where I made that dedication to you :) , I was proposed to go to an abandoned village called Kastro, at about 1hr of off-road driving. Of course, you were with me, right here *pointing the heart*, so you know. I didn't really feel like going, I was lazy and hungry and I asked myself: "It's your birthday, I want to do something special, what would you advise me to do?" and in a split second, the decision was to give it a go. A "what the hell" moment.

I arrived there and the atmosphere was amazing. All abandoned in a 90% proportion and you could hear some children screaming from far away, like ghosts. But what truly made my day is what I consider to be your present for me, so I would celebrate more. :) I saw something that I always wanted to see and I will surely remember this day not only for your anniversary, but also for the "specialness" of the moment. There was an abandoned boneyard with tens of skeletons of people, craniums and bones, all together and around them were boxes with photos of the deceased. I opened a box and I found a photo of an old lady and next to it was her entire skeleton. I ALWAYS dreamt to see this, but not in a museum or crypt, but left like that. You could even take one if you wanted, but I thought that it wouldn't be a good idea to pass the customs with a cranium in my truck. :))

Anyway, the only thing that is sad is that I miss my Ni. But other than that, this day was THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST!

I am sending ALL my love to you, Mark. I don't believe in coincidences and I am sure that part of the dream come true is thanks to you, in an unexplainable way. I will upload skeleton photos once I select a few.

Happy Birthday!

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