Another thing that I've learnt from Mark/Gibbs: never depend on anybody. It's not stated in his rules but he applies it. I finished my essay for the Master's Degree approval exam and I had to deal with a lot of bureaucracy, which is my weak spot. It is one of the things that transforms me into a fiend. There are people who work with papers and people who just complain about them, no, I am one of those who get mentally challenged by papers, files, etc. I had several very quick nervous breakdowns and it's been a while since that happened. I realized that I CAN not be focused on personal things and just think about what's "professional"...

But I did them all alone, for the first time. And as much as I moaned about it, I managed it. And tonight I've been told that without diacritics, my work will be most likely seen as a teenager's paper. I first said "I can't do it" so we were going to delay it with another day so that a guy can fix the diacritics. But I tried somehow and I made them all not only because I hated to depend on him, but also because hopefully this hell will end tomorrow. Then I fixed my printer which used to refuse to print every 3 lines. I fixed it with a screwdriver. I don't need a damn technician.

It may not be a big deal to you, but to me it is because I am raised in a family where I always get help no matter what I need. And kids who get this treatment hardly manage to do things on their own in life.

End of show-off.

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Michael said...

I used to loathe writing in Romanian with diacritics just because the keyboard layout for Romanian which comes with Windows switches some keys, like "y" with "z", which is very annoying from my point of view. This changed when I discovered the "programmers layout" created by this guy: www.secarica.ro Now I can write correctly, even though it took me a while to adjust. The proofing tools provided by MS Office are very useful if you want to detect most of the misspelled words and to avoid "writing like a teenager" (stupid people).

"I am raised in a family where I always get help no matter what I need." - Hell, if you want somethin' done right, you got to do it your self :D