I really liked Nine Inch Nails for a long time. Maybe ever since I heard the song DEAD SOULS. Anyway, it was long enough to have them probably in my top 5 bands, Metallica being the first. There was a concert here in Romania, in a city where I saw Apocalyptica long ago, because I had a relative where to sleep at. I had. But this time I couldn't go to the concert and I found out that they're pretty much ending their career.

I am bothered because I have heard many retards who only talked about how drunk they were at this concert. It's the same retarded attitude like the "Vama Veche religion". If there is something that I absolutely HATE about the "rock" scene in this country, it's this. Otherwise, not even emo kids bother me, even if I am associated with them so often now [why, because monkeys discovered them].

So I listen to NIN almost every day. I like the band which I might never have the chance to see because I couldn't go then. And I know other fans in the same situation, having to bear with the idiots who got OH SO DRUNK at that festival.

So, my best wishes to you: get an alcoholic coma.


Malice Bathory said...

Si eu am pierdut NIN si regret nespus de mult. Poate macar sa reusesc sa ii vad prin alta tara

the elder said...

Sa speram..e chiar pacat, poate totusi asta e un zvon si nu va fi ultimul turneu..