Cellular Grin

My cell phone's battery is dying before my eyes. To be honest, this was to be expected, my phone [Nokia 6230i ] is pretty old. But today, I let it go off and my phone went off way before I estimated, so I had about 3 hours of being outside home, unable to use my cell phone.

I believe that I have mentioned multiple times that I hate talking on the phone. I am the SMS kind of person. I don't like that fake politeness that I must pull whenever I answer the phone so I don't answer. Some time ago I read a study about the feeling of security that people have if they keep a cell phone with them. Scientists have discovered that having a cell phone, in range and open makes a person feel safe. They have also added that some test subjects, having their cell removed for a while, sufferred (mild) anxiety attacks.

I must say that I didn't quite believe that until I experienced it. I didn't have an anxiety attack, but I felt rather uneasy and I kept on thinking that someone might need me ASAP and I won't be able to answer...or that I might need assistance. And note, I am a person who avoids talking on the phone.

So let's give a cellular grin on all these scared faces and plug our cell phones back in action.

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