...I stand before the silent group of reddish trees while I feel black and white. I can't feel the autumn rain or the winter tinted wind and my eyes stare at my thoughts. I have inhaled him once, long ago and those eyes simply swept my sight of this world away. Now I bow to my drug of choice. I inhale his essence and release it through all my pores back to my thoughts. Nothing of this greatness can be shared. I exhale a hologram that will veil the existence of my reality, breeding a spirit that burns.

It was without warning and now I do not want to be saved. I escaped and convicted you all.

Rather nihilistic, you might say and that reminds me of the essay about Nihilism that I said I will post. But this is far from the raw concept of annihilation. See, I don't abolish this world, I just recreate it. I don't forsake the concept of the highest earthling love, I just color it so it can be rightfully called the highest. I am a sign that gets burnt on your foreheads, ahhh how I love that image.

My steps run cold on the pavement and steam rises into the leaves. The leaves become my trench.

[*The place where I stand is a secret one.]

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Michael said...

Why do you bother thinking how to recreate the world, when you can just imagine it burn, forever...

PS: Since Christmas is not so far away, that picture reminds me of Rudolph :P