I like a nice red lipstick on women, not all women, but if it's done in a classy way, it can look good. And contrary to popular belief, black lipstick can look classy, too.

But there's this new invention that I can't get the hang of and it looks extremely disgusting. Lip gloss. WHY?!... Why do you have to look as if you're drooling all the time? And to add: small flies and insects always glue to your lips and when you keep it for a long time, there's a white line between your lips and it looks as if your spit is dry. Maybe what I wrote is graphic, but what's more graphic is that crap on your lips.

And aside from all that, it's uncomfortable. I wore that crap once and my hair kept sticking to it, my fingers were sticky, everything was sticky, not to mention the prints you leave on a glass. BLERGH.



Malice Bathory said...

Ja ja, ai dreptate. Eu insa cateodata mai folosesc cand mai fac o poza doua pentru ca poti face in asa fel incat buzele sa para mai pline.

FluffSpider said...

Meh, nu mi se par atat de oribile, sunt formule si formule.sunt unele care sunt perfect comfortabile, sau altele ca si cum te-ai da pe buze cu super glue.
Subscriu si la ce Malice zice, da voulum, dar nu e neaparat sa il aplici pe toata buza pentru asta:p
Ia the middle way, nivea starfruits, chestiile alea is intre lipstick effect si gloss effect:d

Michael said...

Fetele astea... Eu ma bucur că nu am asemenea probleme existențiale :D