Well, a friend introduced me to a site [Omegle] where you can talk to random strangers. Here's my favorite conversation. :)) I disconnected by accident, I wished to see his reply. :)))

Stranger: i'm jerking off
You: lovely :D
You: tell me
Stranger: we doin a cirkle jerk here
You: want some help? :D
Stranger: haha yes
You: i'm wet.
You: now, reading what ya wrote.
Stranger: were 7 guys here
Stranger: all jerking off
You: and now you have 8 guys here jerking off ;)

Guys, you are aware that men get wet, too, eh? HAHAHHA. Ok, sorry but I HAD to post this.

Oh, and another:

You: Age?
Stranger: 28 m usa
You: Too young.



Lady Morphine said...

posteaza si adresa site-ului macar :p

Michael said...

Lovely. This must be something like "mIRC reloaded"...

the elder said...

Am postat-o acum.

Michael said...

Sheesh, this site is so retarded... I gave it up after 5 conversations. Looks like many asians use it, mostly minors I suppose.