My Eyes Have Seen You

Hello. Todaaaaaay...I painted the fire blue with my eyes. My eyes are a powerful tool, you see... Sometimes this could be classified as schizophrenia, but if it is, it's deliberate. You can pretty much see the world through my eyes now. I like this. But that's as far as you'll get.

One thing I'm completely amused by is what people discuss on the street. If you pass from a place to one that is 100km away, you'll hear the same shit. How could your universe be limited only to a few topics and words? Maybe this has a lot to do with the low standards of living. But tell me: how can this country go further when students and people with higher education are the ones who get a job the HARDEST while illiterates and living abortions get the easiest life?

I get it...you'll never want to defeat the peasant position that you've earned with so much glory.

But my fire's still blue. :)

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Michael said...

You never cease to amaze me with such pictures... This one is just lovely...