Omegle II

Am I the only one who at least tries to have an intelligent conversation on Omegle? I mean, I read its description and the founder is against sex chats. Apparently, people only want to talk about sex [I love sex talks but hell...]. Remember my post called Glass, where I was writing about strangers just talking to each other? It's scary that I stumbled upon Omegle AFTER I wrote that. Anyway, some memorable chats:

Stranger: i'm male and i'm horny, if you're a female you want to have an online sex?if ya don't just leave
You: you're sad.
You have disconnected.

And a normal conversation:

Stranger: and justice for all
You: man, I love Metallica!
You: :O
Stranger: best album
You: YES!!!
You: that's my all time favorite band.
Stranger: Me too with Iron Maiden

Anyway, he disconnected. This site is fun to just chill and get amused. I guess I'll post some crap here from time to time. What does this make you think? Would people ever have a really philosophical discussion with a stranger, online?

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