Moment of Clarity

Sometimes, we got lost in details together...and just erased the limits and created ours, which seemed so blurred to the rest. What seemed to be a detail was a chimera: breathing fire over anything that could be decyphered. But then it was you and I, above all, beyond all, burning our paths as we walked away from inhumanity and greed, erasing our traces from ever living in this same world.

I was afraid that what I blurred will never be discovered by anybody and I'll become an antibody of a disease that everybody died from, but nobody realized it. And what was I, an antibody of the world's cancer?

They tried to walk on my burnt path, but their feet were ashes already and their bones started to break their skin. Their life was fractured and so were their thoughts, a poisonous blur. And I laid this veil behind my steps, so that nobody will find me.

Yet, you did. And now we walk together through clarity.

[To my best friend, my family and Mark.]

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