Stamps & Co.

I've been occupying my geek time with learning how to design stamps. Stamps are another rather useless way to make nice graphics, like icons and such. So I made a few and when I previewed them, I realized that there was NO transparency in that area with the small white /\/\/\/\/ that makes it look stampy and instead of that, it looked like a regular picture.

So I searched for some templates and I made these:

This is Gibbs and I as NCIS Special Agents, haha [my best friend took the photo of me and the photo of Mark is courtesy of CBS, I suppose].

This is for my cult on vampirefreaks. [the background photo is mine]

This is just the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. [photo courtesy of its owners, I am not sure exactly who].

I will put the usual DO NOT STEAL, etc message, but I don't think anyone would steal this crap. :)) Anyway, I like them, they're a way to show that boredom can be creative.

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