Happy Birthday, Viggo! You've been a great inspiration for (sooo many) years and every year I've this tradition to send you my e-hugs. I hope one day to visit again your art gallery and this time, to not lose the photos anymore.. Hell, you've been doing such a good job with your photography, then acting, singing and inspiring people. So, have a great birthday because you deserve it.

I remember one of my greatest times and that is when I stepped in Odense [DK] and found the museum. There I saw your name on the opened art gallery and I froze. Go figure, not in a million years I'd have hoped for that, although I went to that city especially for you. And I later found out that you left just 2 days before...

You'll continue to inspire your fans with your complexity. I love your complexity! And I am looking forward to watching The Road.

[*] I made this stamp as an e-present for Vig, using Axeraider70's brushes. I'd appreciate if you didn't claim it as your own, even if it's sucky. :)

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