No vampire has yet been born to commit me to immortality. I have grown a cold heart, even the feelings froze. He's tied up to someone, but that is null. All awaits me to divide and conquer. God knows how well I conquered, this bond between us that separates people's reality from mine.

They gave it many names: from mild schizophrenia to denial. In reality, it's power: the power to create and pursue your own reality instead of giving in to what others want, instead of being what others want you to be, to be FREE. Freedom is power. And I am free.

Nobody has earned their right to give me the guidelines of my own reality. Nobody has earned their right to lead my mind. Nobody will. I have rejected your "reality" as you have rejected mine. The difference is that while you feel empty and frustrated because you gave up your dreams - with every childhood dream you fail, I come alive.
[Photo © 2009, The Elder]

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