Hallowe'en Shivers :)

This was a Happy Hallowe'en because I spent it with the best company. It was spookier than any club party! It's fascinating how much your mind accompanied by a couple of shadows can entertain you. Club parties for Hallowe'en [of course, the quality ones] can also be VERY entertaining: I imagine a club party in Holland where you really get scared by the costumes that others wear, not your average witch or vampire. But I found the best source of entertainment: the union of two sick minds. :D Later, I grabbed some fake blood and made a few photos, like this one.

I was rather disappointed to see no costumed people on the streets this year, no trick or treat on the streets, but maybe they were already in a coven somewhere. Don't start with "I hate American holidays" because THIS Holiday isn't American [I don't get this rage against American holidays, if something is interesting, why be so autochtonous?], it has Celtic and Christian roots. :)

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