I Drew Jack!

I have always had the complex that I can't draw, especially being surrounded by two parents who are both painters and designers and my best friend, who is very talented with drawing. But tonight I wanted to see if I can surpass myself. :) I picked Jack Skellington. Now, I wanted to see if I can draw him, but not just like that, but with a semi-facial expression as well. You know, his eyes are very expressive. I am just glad I managed to do it, it's a SIMPLE drawing, but I have NO TALENT, so don't expect me to start with complex portraits. Another reason that made me smile was that I managed to draw this with my RIGHT hand and I am a leftie. So I can draw, after all. Not great, not awesome, but I can.

Note: I didn't use ANY photo/template over it, I just looked at a photo and drawn after it, but without putting it OVER my drawing, so it is from scratch. I spent half an hour on the left eye, but oh well. :) I am not saying this because it was oh-so hard to draw, but because I couldn't even draw this before. I guess my mom was right when she recently told me that all I do is to block my mind from considering to do it.

I love how it came out and I love Jack. Now I have my own little Jack, made with Paint:

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