Two things that I've heard recently about how one can morph into another by meditating. I could interpret it as a sort of buddhist "thoughts shape you" theory or I could simply give into my rather melodramatic state and say that sometimes, a love or friendship that is not consumed in the earthly ways can be more tangible than the so-called reality. OR I can just try to remember who had that quote, like: "You look a lot at something, you become that something".

When it comes from the outside, from people that don't have much contact with me, then it's more striking. Take it like this: if a good friend tells you that you look bad with a cloth, you will not wear it anymore and not take much offense, but if a stranger or an acquaintance tells you the same thing, you're more embarrased. At least I'd be. Well, a good acquaintance told me this:

"...saw the thumbnail picture and thought it was you. donno if that's a compliment or an offense". The photo she meant is this:

No, I don't look like a man and no, I don't have blue eyes, but maybe it's what's inside that comes at the surface and makes two people that seem to not have contact, morph into each other. It is not the first time I hear this and each time I do, I am euphoric. As I said, he IS my mentor and the apprentice's task is to become one with the mentor. My mother said to me the same thing a few times when she saw a certain photo of him and not to mention my best friend, who makes me euphoric every day. Another friend from vampirefreaks said that we MAKE a great couple. :) Note that she didn't say "would". :D

So, it can NEVER be an offense, but the greatest compliment. To be able to morph into my role model, that is the ultimate priviledge. So, you'll find me here:

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