Omegle time:

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi. i'm a serial killer.
Stranger: hi
Stranger: me too
You: that's good. how many victims so far?
Stranger: 24
Stranger: you
You: 35+. not sure if the last two survived or not.
Stranger: nice
Stranger: what do you do with the bodies
You: I fuck them.
You: you?
Stranger: me too
You: aaaaaaa that's so good. we match!
Stranger: i have sex with their intestiens
You: oh yeah!
You: I hide them in the forest
You: so that nobody can find them :D
Stranger: i burn them in my specialy made fernus
You: ahhh I'm jealous.
You: have you been arrested yet?
Stranger: no
You: I'm on death row now.
You: But I promised I'll tell them where they are if they give me a few more years.
Stranger: nice deal
You: they want to electrocute me.
Stranger: uu
Stranger: thats nice
You: I'll have a nice figure after I'm dead.
Stranger: muahahah
You: when was your last kill?
Stranger: this morning
You: Ah I envy you.
You: Could you fuck them for me, too?
You: I'm kind of deprived.
Stranger: no problem they are still fresh
You: don't you like them lifeless in your hands?
You: ohhh I miss that...
Stranger: the sweet smell of bodies in the morning
You: oh yeah
You: I'm going to get out of this prison and resume my mission.
You: I need to reach at least 100.
Stranger: how do you select your victims
You: Well I go for dark haired girls usually.
You: you?
You: they said that dark haired girls are the hardest to approach.
You: it's a great challenge.
Stranger: i pick them acording to star trek
You: Oh! That's interesting.
You: ever had one that escaped?
Stranger: i always finish my work
You: oh yeah
Stranger: we are sick arent we
Stranger: :)
You: Oh yes. Sick is good!
You: ;)
Stranger: where are you from
You: California and you?
Stranger: im from hell
You: How's hell?
Stranger: its nice
You: I should be visiting soon when they execute me.
Stranger: we have cookies
You: do they serve pizza in hell?
You: mmm cookies are good, too.
Stranger: and muffins
You: mmmmm it's a sweet hell
Stranger: hitler says hello
You: hi back!
You: I'll be seeing him soon!
You: now I have another task: to kill bullies.
Stranger: why
You: they piss me off.
You: picking on people isn't fun.
Stranger: i agree.
You: Torture's good. do you like to torture? :D
Stranger: yes
Stranger: its my favorite
You: we're two mother fuckers, eh? :D
Stranger: yeah
You: make sure they don't catch ya. the world needs more like us.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: muahahhaha
You: we should cleanse society of itself!
You: and make our own society.
Stranger: perfect
You: i've got an escape plan. by tomorrow I'll be joining you in more murder.
Stranger: but first we must get rid of manbearpig
You: who?
Stranger: half man half bear and half pig
You: well, I'll leave that task to you. I have to kill the guards here.
Stranger: i like pigs
You: they remind me of Saw.
Stranger: the saw is bullshit
Stranger: the guy doesnt even know how to kill
You: ah now you upset me. I'll find you and kill you for this. You don't insult Saw.
You have disconnected.

It's so fun to sometimes just play around. The discussion is, of course, a joke. [At least my part is :)) ]

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