This is my last post for 2oo9. As you probably have noticed, I didn't write much in the past month and that's mainly because I've been spending my time making graphic design and then enjoying the Holidays with my good friends, the Aliens (and Predators).

I'm not very inspired to write here for the moment, so I'd rather wait until it comes back than writing bad posts just to write. Everybody has moments of lack of inspiration in certain domains, my inspiration for writing is on hold so that my graphic inspiration blossoms, you can never have all at once, eh?

I'm hoping to find my readers in a better new year than this one. I'm signing off now. See you in 2o1o!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I will be spending Christmas in my dreamworld, it's AWESOME!


Poll Conclusion #2

I was glad to see that most people celebrate Christmas. Although I don't spend it with friends [being away], I still like the atmosphere. So, most of my voters will spend it with family - it was to be expected. I'll spend it with my family as well, after all, Christmas is about the family. I would lie if I'll say that I won't also spend it alone, especially on the 24th when I have my tradition is to watch the Alien Series.
To the one who hasn't decided yet: I wonder what he/she'll do. I'm always curious to see how others celebrate. :)


Poll Conclusion #1

After every poll, I will make a small "summary" with the either good or bad conclusions that I draw from what I see in the results.

I was really pleasantly surprised that nobody voted for money, although I allowed multiple choices, which makes it easier for people to decide: you don't have to choose only ONE, so you won't sit and wonder "ahhh which one am I thankful for FOR REAL?". I also see that most of the voters are grateful for real friendship - a rare good - and music (after all, Nietzsche was right "Without music, life would be a mistake.").

I wonder who was the one who voted for "Nothing". I would like him/her to expand a bit, it's sad to see that someone doesn't feel thankful for anything.

Anyway, I am glad that I got 14 votes, I hope in time I will see 1000 votes written under the poll. :)

Oh and happy birthday dad! [12.04.2009]



Azi e Ziua Nationala a Romaniei. Mi-ar fi placut sa fi fost la Alba Iulia si nu pentru a manca sarmalele gratis, ci pentru ca pana acum n-am ajuns niciodata la Alba Iulia de 1 Decembrie. Eh, poate la anu'.

Pana atunci, am facut un "stamp" pentru Romania :)