Poll Conclusion #1

After every poll, I will make a small "summary" with the either good or bad conclusions that I draw from what I see in the results.

I was really pleasantly surprised that nobody voted for money, although I allowed multiple choices, which makes it easier for people to decide: you don't have to choose only ONE, so you won't sit and wonder "ahhh which one am I thankful for FOR REAL?". I also see that most of the voters are grateful for real friendship - a rare good - and music (after all, Nietzsche was right "Without music, life would be a mistake.").

I wonder who was the one who voted for "Nothing". I would like him/her to expand a bit, it's sad to see that someone doesn't feel thankful for anything.

Anyway, I am glad that I got 14 votes, I hope in time I will see 1000 votes written under the poll. :)

Oh and happy birthday dad! [12.04.2009]

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