Poll Conclusion #2

I was glad to see that most people celebrate Christmas. Although I don't spend it with friends [being away], I still like the atmosphere. So, most of my voters will spend it with family - it was to be expected. I'll spend it with my family as well, after all, Christmas is about the family. I would lie if I'll say that I won't also spend it alone, especially on the 24th when I have my tradition is to watch the Alien Series.
To the one who hasn't decided yet: I wonder what he/she'll do. I'm always curious to see how others celebrate. :)

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blog said...

Regarding the answer "I haven't decided yet...",all I want to say is that I chose that answer,and I'll tell you why :

Every year,Christmas has been...surprising,let's say it that way. Because two years ago I went to my cousin and played Monopoly and after a couple of rounds,we let it aside and watched Silence Of The Lambs,instead. Last year,I went to a painting expo which took place at about 3 blocks away from my place[ it began on the 23rd and it kept until the 27th]. And regarding this year,who knows what will come in my way :).