Survey # never actually counted the number

What do you like to be called? ~ Gibbs. Or Dead [it stuck with me]
How old are you right now? ~ 21.
Do you think your zodiac sign fits you? ~ Somewhat, yes, but I know some Cancers who are my opposite.
Has one of your "New Years Resolutions" ever come true? ~ I don't make New Years Resolutions.
Compared to 5 years ago, have you become who you thought you would? ~ I didn't think I'd be this perfect back then. [ :P] Seriously...? No. I was pretty confused 5 years ago.
What is one thing you would have told yourself 5 years ago(if you could go back in time)? ~ Don't waste your time with dirtbags.
How many children do you want, in total? ~ 2.
Is marriage important to you? ~ No. Not marriage. What's important to me is communication, compatibility and respect. Marriage will be only to wear a dress and have a party. =]
Who's life would you rather be living, in terms of someone famous? ~ Pam Dawber. [Needless to say why. Google her spouse.] And James Hetfield. And anyone who travelled all around the world :D
Night or day person? ~ Night.
If you could take back a relationship with any ex bf/gf, would you? ~ No. What's in the past stays in the past.
If you could buy anything in the world, what would it be? ~ A forest with a lake.
What is your biggest regret? ~ I have no regrets. And the one that might be considered a regret wasn't in my power.
Do you miss any one who used to be a big part of your life? ~ Of course..
Do you wish it were Summer already? ~ Always.
Whats the best thing about Summer, beside the weather? ~ Holiday. Seaside. Sailing :x
Whats the worst thing about Winter, beside the cold? ~ Wet pavement.
How long was the longest relationship you've ever been in? ~ 2 1/2 years. The best one, as well.
What was the shortest? ~ A week and I didn't consider it a relationship.
Have you ever fallen up the stairs? ~ No.
Is High School really anything like they portray it is in the movies? ~ To me, no. Stereotypically speaking, sort of, but otherwise, no.
Do you question why MTV is called MTV any more? ~ No. I question why MTV had to be owned by a Romanian and not leave the original one.
What is your favorite channel to watch? ~ Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Zone Reality.
What is the one show you refuse to ever watch? ~ I don't refuse anything. I just don't watch.
Do you believe everything happens for a reason? ~ Yes. I don't believe in coincidences.
Out of the 7 days of the week, how often do you truly like yourself? ~ Everyday. My self-esteem's alright.
What is one thing you would change about your appearance? ~ My scoliosis.
What do you think is your best feature? ~ My eyes.
If you could be one age forever, what age would that be? ~ 21. Legal, but still young.
If you were to die today, would your life be complete? ~ No.
What's the next big life decision you will have to make? ~ You never know.
What's something you REALLY want right now? ~ To be with Mark Harmon; NCIS not to end; to be a forensic; Ted Bundy not to have been a serial killer, instead to be Jack; cigarettes not to kill; etc etc.
What was the last thing that surprised you? ~ That Pauley Perrette got married this year.
Most memorable thing that happened to you last summer? ~ I took photos underwater.
Name one of the dumbest things somebody ever told you: ~ I can't enlist...too many. But something like "Why don't you like to show your body more when you walk on the street?"
Do you keep a diary? ~ No more.
What would you say to the last person who hurt you? ~ Shoot me again, I ain't dead yet.
What would you say to the person you love the most, besides "I love you"? ~ None of your business. ;)
If you took a drug test, would you pass it? ~ Yes. That excluding caffeine and nicotine.

ăăăăăăăă...Always be specific when you lie.

Se spune ca un om poate avea cele mai mari revelatii pe WC. Eu nu pot spune ca am avut o "mare revelatie" si nici nu eram pe WC, dar eram in baie. Am vreo 6 sortimente de sampoane in jurul meu si m-am uitat pe scrisul de pe fiecare cutie. Singurul lucru care difera este numele, in rest vezi aceleasi idei. "Par cu aproape 99,9% mai stralucitor/matasos/rezistent/involburat", "Culoare cu 99% mai rezistenta", "Efecte vizibile" etc. Sperand la efectul placebo, am incercat sa cred in asta, macar la un procent de 29% si nu s-a intamplat nimic. Parul e doar curat si atat. Nu e mai stralucitor, mai matasos hai, treaca de la mine [cu balsam altfel nu], mai rezistent NU, involburat doar daca dormeam cu el ud si ma trezeam cu el in crestet. Si asta era de la APA, nu de la sampon. :)) Parul meu de ce nu se umple de stelute dupa ce ma spal, ca la TV?

Foarte multi au ajuns la concluzia ca reclamele mint pe fata, nu e o revelatie extraordinara. As prefera sa vad scris pe sampon "Par la fel de gras, la fel de spalacit si poate mai matasos, asta daca ai noroc si il piepteni bine si dupa aia". Asa as sti ca reclama nu minte si nu m-as mai amagi. Mai mult, avand in vedere ca parul meu trebuie spalat in fiecare zi ca sa arate cum trebuie, sa mai scrie "Noua ne convine ca ai parul gras si ca trebuie sa cumperi mai mult sampon pentru ca te speli zilnic, asa ca de ce sa ti-l facem matasos si stralucitor, ca tot trebuie sa-l speli si n-ai incotro". Pe bune ca asa le-as trimite un mail de felicitare. Hai, n-are nici o firma curajul sa faca primul pas?

Sau daca mintiti, macar mintiti si atat. Sau va luati dupa regula lui Gibbs "Always be specific when you lie"? Da... Pentru ca parul gras/rebel/idiot e ca un drogat sau un criminal in serie recidivist, il cureti, sta curat un timp si daca-l lasi de izbeliste, o ia de la capat.

Si daca ai citit pana aici, inseamna ca esti chiar plictisit/a si ar trebui sa iesi afara. HAHAHA!!

Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat

"It ALL began when they come took me from my home
And put me on Death Row, a crime for which I am totally innocent, you know.
I began to warm and chill
To objects and their fields,
A ragged cup, a twisted mop
The face of Jesus in my soup
Those sinister dinner deals
The meal trolley's wicked wheels
A hooked bone rising from my food
All things either good or ungood.
And the mercy seat is waiting
And I think my head is burning
And in a way I'm yearning
To be done with all this weighing of the truth.
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth
And I'm not afraid to die.
I hear stories from the chamber
Christ was born into a manger
And like some ragged stranger
He died upon the cross
Might I say, it seems so fitting in its way
He was a carpenter by trade
Or at least that's what I'm told
My kill-hand'statooed E.V.I.L. across it's brother's fist
That filthy five! They did nothing to challenge or resist.
In Heaven His throne is made of gold
The ark of his Testament is stowed
A throne from which I'm told
All history does unfold.
It's made of wood and wire
And my body is on fire
And God is never far away.
Into the mercy seat I climb
My head is shaved, my head is wired
And like a moth that tries
To enter the bright eye
I go shuffling out of life
Just to hide in death awhile
And anyway I never lied.
And the mercy seat is burning
And I think my head is glowing
And in a way I'm hoping
To be done with all this twisting of the truth.
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
And anyway there was no proof
And I'm not afraid to die.
And the mercy seat is glowing
And I think my head is smoking
And in a way I'm hoping
To be done with all these looks of disbelief.
A life for a life
And a truth for a truth
And I've got nothing left to lose
And I'm not afraid to die.
And the mercy seat is smoking
And I think my head is melting
And in a way that's helping
To be done with all this twisting of the truth
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth
But I'm afraid I told a lie."

And there's no point in living if you can't feel the life.


Refuse - Resist

I am not overwhelmed. This feeling has gone since a long time from the so called reality. In my concealed life and in my dreamworld, this state is persistant. But in the everyday life, I could say, in my disappointment, that I'm devoid of it. Sometimes it feels as paradoxal as Metallica's "Pride that you felt when you'd kneel". The experience of self-regard in the most humble moments is one luxury I kindly offer myself each time I have a reason.

I don't need someone to refuse. I don't need someone to resist. I yearn to not resist. Yearn, you heard me. You give me an army of people with no meaning to me and I am not the kind to take something, just to own. I want to not resist. That feeling of letting yourself fall into someone is such an adored experience. I don't fear that, as so many do. Why do you fear that? Why play so many games when the ending's the same? :)

The ending of falling in the most rising way possible. Until then, you have the same menu: refuse/resist and lots of dreams. Hey, it's no drama I am talking about. It's rather challenging. Drama is more about complaining and giving up, while bringing more ranting that in the end has nothing to do with its main subject anymore. Challenge [in these particular cases] is more focused on acknowledging the drama and forgetting why it was a drama in the first place.

And I am the one who makes the definitions here. :D

[That photo is mine and except for various NCIS extracts, all photos are mine, so I will ask you kindly not to use them without my permission, not that you would, anyway. Or I might just have to kill you "without leaving any forensic evidence".]


Hide And Seek

The new episode managed to satisfy some of my requests :D

      • Lots, but LOTS of Nope Faces. I want so many, that when I recover from one, to be hit with the other. I want an overdose of Nope Faces. I want to even dream about 'em at night, not that I don't. [HAPPENED! After quite a long forbearance, it was given to me <3 and not anyhow, but exactly how I asked]
      • Shots from the back, so I can see your nape. [HAPPENED! I am still recovering.]
      • Headslaps for Tony and sounds + big eyes and :( from him. [NO headslaps, but big eyes and :( HAPPENED]
      • Someone to spill your coffee or if not, you spilling your own coffee. [DIDN'T HAPPEN. I previously said that I am asking too much.]
      • Retard laughter [DIDN'T HAPPEN. Damn. I should re-watch The Deliberate Stranger for that.]
      • An in-depth analysis of the Tony-Gibbs relationship [DIDN'T HAPPEN exactly like that, but there are always signs that their relationship is really father-son.]
      • An announcement that the spin-off was a joke and that we will expect 10 more seasons. [MOST CERTAINLY DIDN'T HAPPEN......Grrrr.]


      For My Gibbs

      Tomorrow there will be a new episode from NCIS. That being said, I have my requests for my all time favorite silver fox.

      • Lots, but LOTS of Nope Faces. I want so many, that when I recover from one, to be hit with the other. I want an overdose of Nope Faces. I want to even dream about 'em at night, not that I don't. [probably not going to happen]

      • Shots from the back, so I can see your nape. [most certainly will happen]

      • Headslaps for Tony and sounds + big eyes and :( from him. [probably going to happen]

      • Someone to spill your coffee or if not, you spilling your own coffee. [I am starting to ask too much]
      • Retard laughter [probably going to happen]

      • An in-depth analysis of the Tony-Gibbs relationship [gut feeling sent from DiNosey, maybe not in this episode]

      • An announcement that the spin-off was a joke and that we will expect 10 more seasons. [MOST CERTAINLY not going to happen......]

      I want more...

      Haaaaaha Salariu

      De acum am sa incerc sa le inteleg pe maimutele epilate, cu cap de Barbie si creier de Neanderthal de ou, cand fac misto de mine in diverse locuri publice unde simt ca sunt pe podium [metrou, autobuz, ghenele de fitze, etc.] Da, ma, fac misto de mine si da, ma, au creier de ou. Imagineaza-ti un ou si gata. HAHAHAHAHA. Inteleg ca le e indiferent daca esti imbracat in tinte sau intr-o pereche de blugi si o geaca de piele. La ele in sat, salariul se primeste pe virginitate sau centimetru de piele care se revarsa prin zdrentele guci, dg, armani etc. Deci, ele sunt femei angajate iar eu nu am slujba, asa ca 1-0 pentru ele.


      Pai, ce sa zic, au descoperit o metoda ingenioasa de a avea salariu. Iti vinzi virginitatea, dar nu oricum, ci cu o prezentare amanuntita a motivului: vrei sa-ti platesti scoala, vrei sa dai juma' de bani la vreun azil inexistent, vrei sa fii mama eroina, etc. Si in loc sa ai parte de acei oameni cu mai mult de 12 clase care te-ar face una cu pamantul [si la propriu], ai parte de fan club si de adepti. Si totul e ok. Dar am o intrebare: in sat la tine ai auzit de reconstructie a himenului? Pentru ca asa, poti sa-ti iei salariul, daca nu lunar, macar anual. Asa ca nici nu trebuie sa fii virgina pana la urma, totul se poate rezolva. Cand erai mica si te intrebau ce vrei sa te faci cand vei fi "mare", ce raspundeai? Stiu! Voiai sa te faci model, ca sa apari pe copertele revistelor. Si ai ajuns model...de tampenie. Braaaaaavo! Stii ca se da salariu pentru tampenie, mai nou, nu? Braaaavo.

      Ma doare capul. Ma cac in pe ele de titluri din ziare si ma intreb de ce dracu' ma uit pe ele. Ah, gata, stiu...ca sa inteleg de ce maimutele epilate fac misto de mine. :)) Vedeti ma, maimutelor, eu incerc sa va inteleg pe voi, voi de ce nu ma rasplatiti cu liniste?

      NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: Definitely didn't picture my demise like this. I always figured I'd go out like Cagney in White Heat, firey explosion. Or Redford and Newman in Butch Cassidy, in a hail of bullets.
      NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Or Charlie Chaplin in Gold Rush.
      NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: How'd he die?
      NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Silently.



      Iar ma iau de mass-media pentru ca asta e o mare putere in stat. Daca are chef, poate transforma un om nevinovat in criminal si invers. Nu e nevoie decat de o poveste SOCANTA pe care de cele mai multe ori o inventeaza persoane platite. Ce, nu crezi ca exista persoane platite pentru a scrie povesti cat mai "captivante" pentru presa? Asta inseamna ca daca citesti "Da-ne un pont si te vom premia", nu vezi ce scrie printre randuri. A premia nu inseamna neaparat "a premia", poate insemna a plati. Hahah cata filosofie...

      Si tot mass-media poate transforma un muncitor cu 4 clase intr-un personaj de film. Intr-o tara in care a fi "cool" e sa injuri pe cine nu [vrei sa] intelegi si a idolatriza obiectele cu creier de plastic care se ofera pentru un bon de Dorobanti, mass-media isi joaca rolul mai bine decat la Hollywood. In alte parti, tabloidele sunt pline de "stiri" despre tot felul de persoane notorii si celebre, aici, aproape 90% din stirile bomba sunt despre cine stie ce analfabet care a sculptat femei goale in ceapa [tine-l minte pe asta ca o sa dea o declaratie mai incolo], altul care si-a desenat un penis pe chiloti si s-a plimbat cu el prin Mamaia, altul care doarme in cap in timp ce tricoteaza [da, e posibil], alta care se culca cu fratele ei care se culca [,] cu sora fratelui mamei ei etc etc.

      Mai sunt si pagini speciale in care se discuta diverse aventuri sexuale ale unor necunoscuti, considerate pornografie educativa. Adica, pornografia video nu mai e de ajuns pentru a educa tineretul, mai nou ziarele de larg consum [adica pe care le pot cumpara si copiii de 13 ani care deja fac mai multe decat cuplurile casatorite], se ofera sa culturalizeze poporul prin a prezenta articole despre o femeie de 60 de ani care e actrita porno sau unul de 1,10m care a devenit star porno etc. La noi, "starurile" porno sunt pe meserii, nu pe preferinte.

      Deci: 90% ne prezinta poporul iar 10% ne educa. Si poporul unde e? Pentru ca o persoana nu mai are nevoie sa decida daca vrea detina pornografia respectiva, ci o vede numai trecand pe strada pe langa tonetele de vanzare a ziarelor. Adica in limbaj "comun", nu mai are rost sa ma ascund cand ma uit la un film porno si sa simt o vina imensa pentru ca ar fi ilegal sau imoral, pentru ca la colt pot sa vad totul pe gratis si in public. Pentru ca acum cateva zile am vazut un copil de 6 ani in metrou care se holba la o poza cu o "actrita porno" dintr-unul din ziarele de "larg consum" in timp ce taica-su saliva.

      Si pentru ca aici nu trebuie sa iti tocesti degetele pe o chitara sau sa sa ai chisturi pe corzile vocale, ci trebuie sa sculptezi femei goale in ceapa. Asta o sa-ti garanteze celebritatea. Pentru ca tu esti "cea care a devenit celebra dupa ce a cazut in cap de la etajul 3 dupa o partida de sex cu un pitic" sau "cel care a devenit celebru dupa ce a condus un TIR in timp ce-si scarpina picioarele ascultand Guta". Pentru ca ascultand manele ai devenit celebru, de fapt nici nu mai trebuie sa te chinuiesti sa sculptezi in ceapa, trebuie doar sa ragai mai "ciudat" o data, sa te filmezi si gata, esti pe prima pagina. Pentru ca nu tu esti vinovat, ci aia care te cumpara si te vand dupa aia.

      Tu chiar n-ai nici o vina ca ai 4 clase si pui degetul in loc sa te semnezi, pentru ca in lumea ta de urangutan cu creierul pompat cu heliu, asta e normal si ti se cuvine sa "te stie lumea". Chiar esti si mandru de asta, se vede de obicei dupa ranjetul de avorton tinut cu capul in jos 3 zile. Tu te-ai nascut pentru a fi star. Dar cei care traiesc pentru a se minuna de una care s-a spalat pe cap cu miere dupa ce a facut sex cu un urs, aia au o problema...cu mine. [!?]

      Si spun ca eu sunt aia nebuna. Iar eu spun ca da, sunt nebuna daca ei sunt sanatosi. SOCANT,nu!? Si cand societatea iti lipeste o eticheta de "renegat", incepi sa te mandresti de ea. Pentru ca toate crimele unor persoane carora le placeau jocurile "violente" sau Rammstein sunt din vina jocurilor. E cel mai usor sa acuzi un obiect pentru crima. :))))))))) Avem si o declaratie:

      "DVD-ul a evadat din carcasa si m-a obligat sa iau pusca si sa ii omor pe aia si dupa aia mi-a zis sa ma sinucid...

      ...asta desigur dupa ce am terminat de sculptat toate cepele si mi-am facut lista de alte lucruri "ciudate" pe care sa le fac ca sa minunez natiunea, ca sa devin celebru. Dupa aia mi-am inventat un talent unic si am continuat sa sochez. Dupa aia, ăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăă, aa, m-au invitat unii la niste emisiuni in prime time si m-au pus sa sar prin cercuri, sa imi torn bere in cap si sa dansez tango cu o papusa gonflabila [pe care am umflat-o intr-o benzinarie in timp ce tot
      mapamondul se minuna de cat de original sunt si m-au publicat IAR!!!], dupa aia m-am dus acasa si mi-am dat seama ca sunt scriitor, asa ca am scris vreo 6 carti cu "font saiz" 19 despre cum se cuceresc barbatii/femeile in timp ce frecam ceapa ca sa imi curga lacrimi si sa par mai convingator... Ai rabdare, ca ajung si acolo...dupa aia am intrat intr-un con de umbra si m-am gandit cum sa redevin celebru: am violat o capra. De fapt, capra aia cam voia asa, dar na, ca sa fiu mai feroce, am zis ca am violat-o. Si iar m-au publicat in ziar! Si ca totul sa fie mai interesant, le-am zis ca nu mi-am dat seama ca e capra, pentru ca eram prea beat...si ăăăăăăăă cu asta am ajuns clar pe prima pagina. Mi-au pus si poza!!! Dupa aia am ramas in pana de inspiratie si i-am rugat pe niste unii sa-mi vanda un pont si m-au publicat in timp ce imi dadeam
      unghiile cu oja, pentru ca barbatii in general nu se dau cu oja, iar asta e SOCANT!!! Asa ca iar am aparut pe prima pagina.

      Si wow...stirile din sport, cele pe care le iubesc eu: sportul numit "cat de repede poate X sa manance 20 de sarmale". Si tot asa. Articole de genu' asta o sa mai tot apara, pentru ca eu cu asta ma ocup pe chestia asta. Asa ca daca te arata oamenii cu degetul pe strada pentru ca esti "altfel", nu esti tu de vina. Esti doar SOCANT! Oamenii sunt educati sa fie socati. Nu ajunge si tu sa fii socat, ca nu mai ai scapare.

      Concluzie...ma cac in el de socant.


      My Addiction

      ...I knew that my place has been violated. Nothing was changed and I knew that his skills in hiding the evidence could trick even the most attentive eye. I was beginning to think that not even the room realized that it has been violated. But how do you call rape with consent? He refused to resign to everybody's wish for him to be out of my dreams. He didn't even conceive that I'd look to see if he has tresspassed again. They say that tresspassers get shot in the head. Then if he died, where was his ghost?

      I stopped, 'cause I was sure that he was somewhere, contemplating my desire. When I put him behind, he came somehow. I never put him behind, it was more like a facade. He was somewhere, contemplating. Somewhere in my head or above the clouds or in the leaves. He is bohemian after all. :)

      In a smile of pride, I have found myself somewhere in the room, somewhere in the room...and I was saying, that it was in a smile of pride. I tell myself that it was pride when in fact it was awe. Because he's never been here. NEVER.

      Still, I swear I could feel his scent of Old Spice and sawdust...oh, such an addiction.

      And they say that addictions could cause hallucinations, right?



      I have spent some time thinking about the difference between my favorites and most people's favorites. No, I am not "unique, just like everybody else", but it puzzles and amuses me whenever I am in a conversation and the same things happen over and over. I'll give some examples of favorites of others and of mine.

      • Favorite NCIS character: most people choose Abby and don't get me wrong, I LOVE Abs, but if you make a survey amongst the people I talked to, 90% said Abby. [Mine is Gibbs, no question to that.]
      • Favorite energy drink: they choose unanimously Red Bull. I totally dislike its taste, I drank once and I felt like throwing up. [Mine is Burn, but I recently quit because it screws my liver.]

      • Favorite Metallica albums: most choose the "troo era", the albums before LOAD and RE-LOAD. I like those, but they're too trash metal for me. [I love LOAD and RE-LOAD.]

      • Favorite Pirates of the Caribbean character: Jack Sparrow because Johnny Depp is cute. [Jack Sparrow because he's damn funny and Johnny is a damn good actor.]

      • Favorite place to hang out: rock bars where you can drink and listen to music. [I like those once a year if so. I prefer parks, nature, lakes, that kind of hanging out]

      • Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate UNANIMOUSLY. [I love the pistacchio one. I am drooling now.]

      • Favorite serial killer: Jack The Ripper [I like him too, but come on. Jack is overused. I prefer Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. Some quotes there.]

      • Favorite weather: cold, rainy, winter. [I am a sun, hot and summer person. I hate rain.]

      • Favorite Dark Knight character: The Joker. [I am a Batman person. Yeah, Joker was nice, but I like Batman more and I liked Bale ever since I saw him in Equilibrium.]

      • Favorite explorer: Firefox. [Internet Explorer.]

      • Alien or Predator: Alien [I love Aliens too, but I've been a Predator fan for years. I also have some Predator action figures and a Predalien. Haha.]

      So it's fun to get the same reactions whenever one tells me their favorite.



      When boredom strikes, I make surveys.

      1. What was the highlight of your week? ~ The week has just started. And it started bad..
      2. Whose car were you in last? ~ My best friend's car.
      3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? ~ When I meet...
      4. What color shirt are you wearing? ~ White. But it's not really a color.
      5. How long is your hair? ~ Below my tits.
      6. Are you good looking? ~ Yes. Such modesty..
      7. Last movie you watched? ~ The Deliberate Stranger [last night] - I HAD to see that laughter again.. :))
      8. Who were you with? ~ My computer. We're married.
      9. Last thing you ate? ~ M&M's.
      10. Last thing you drank? ~ Water. All fucking day only water....
      11. When was the last time you had your heart broken? ~ Now.
      12. Who came over last? ~ My best friend. :">
      13. Are you happy right now? ~ Yes, in my way.
      14. What did you say last? ~ "Those people should be executed."
      15. Where is your phone? ~ Next to me.
      16. What color are your eyes? ~ Brown.
      17. Are you left-handed? ~ YES! How'd ya guess? :))
      18. Spell your name without vowels: ~ DN [nice : ]
      19. Do you have any pets? ~ Yep.
      20. Favorite Vacation? ~ The fact that it's a vacation makes it favorite by default.
      21. What do you dislike currently? ~ Sickness. And good things being damn bad for my body.
      22. What are you listening to? ~ Moonspell
      23. If you could have one thing right now what would it be? ~ Thing? A wedding certificate with MH.
      24. What is your favorite scent? ~ The scent of a woman.
      25. Who makes you happiest? ~ Feeling loved.
      26. What were you doing at midnight last night? ~ Ehhh...that is private..
      27. When is your birthday? ~ 07.07
      28. Who has the same phone as you? ~ What kind of question is this?
      29. Last time you went swimming in a pool? ~ Last summer or autumn, not sure.
      30. Do you read your horoscope? ~ Do I look like I read my horoscope?
      31. Where was the last place you bought something? ~ The corner of my street, bought a pack of cigs.
      32. How do you feel about your hair right now? ~ It's dirty, have to wash it.
      33. Do you bite your nails? ~ Yes. Are you behind me or something?
      34. Do you have any expensive jewelery? ~ Yeah, and that's why I don't wear it.
      35. Do you have any expensive jewelery? ~ I am not surprised that THIS exact question is double.
      36. Myspace or facebook? ~ MyShit.
      37. How fast have you driven a car? ~ Fast enough to feel out of control. [30KPH. Kidding.]

      38. Have you ever smoked? ~ Well, yeah.
      39. What was or is your favorite subject in school? ~ History.
      40. Do you have Verizon? ~ No. Do you?
      41. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall for? ~ Ohh don't get me started. My tastes are VERY odd.
      42. Do you have any hidden talents? ~ Yeah and they'll stay that way.
      43. Favorite Song? ~ This alternates.
      44. Do you like to sing at all? ~ Of course.
      45. Dream Job? ~ Special agent, ME, singer and serial killer.
      46. Where does most of your family live? ~ With me.
      47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings? ~ Only child, and very egocentric.
      48. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled? ~ Yes.
      49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up? ~ That I have to throw up.. I was sick.
      50. Do you drink? ~ No, I use gasoline. If you refer to alcohol which I am sure you are, no.
      51. Know any other languages? ~ Yep.
      52. Ever write a coded message? ~ Every day.
      53. Have you ever been IN a wedding? ~ No, I only have been OUT of a wedding. :

      54. Do you have any children? ~ No. And I am sarcastic as well.
      55. Did you take a nap today? ~ I don't take naps.
      56. Who has the same birthday as you? ~ Many people, most certainly.
      57. Ever met anyone famous before? ~ Yes. :)
      58. Do you want to be famous one day? ~ It'd be interesting.
      59. Any Pet Peeves? ~ Yes.
      60. Are you multitasking right now? ~ Yes. I am Caesar.
      61. Do you like Britany Spears? ~ Her music used to be very good for the genre.
      62. What is your least favorite chore? ~ All.
      63. Last place you drove your car? ~ Don't ask such taboo questions please. [*stare*]
      64. Ever been out of the country? ~ Ohhhh yeah...
      65. Where were you born? ~ In Bucharest.
      66. Could you handle being in the military? ~ YES PLEASE! IN THE CORPS! :">
      67. What is your average cell phone bill? ~ I don't know. I'm not the one who pays for it.
      68. Who are you thinking about right now? ~ My mentor having a "nope face".
      69. When was the last time you laughed REALLY hard? ~ Yesterday.
      70. How many pairs of shoes do you own? ~ I am not sure, around 15? But I only wear 3 or 4.
      71. Are your toes always painted? ~ Most of the times.
      72. How many piercings do you have? ~ 10.
      73. What are you doing today? ~ Getting down with the sickness, literally.
      74. Have you ever been gambling? ~ Yeah.
      75. When is the last time you updated your page? ~ Now.
      76. Do you like rollercoasters? ~ Yes!
      77. Have you ever been to disneyland or world? ~ Not yet.
      78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character? ~ Hmmmm....
      79. Last thing you cooked? ~ Some soup.
      80. How's the weather? ~ Dark.
      81. Do you e-mail? ~ Yep.
      82. What's the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? ~ I don't know as a number 1, but I could say that yesterday I went to my room and I was sure I forgot it upstairs. I came upstairs and I realized that all this time it was in my pocket.
      83. Last time you were sick? ~ Today. So I have 6 months of sickness-free :D
      84. What states have you lived in? ~ I won't tell you.
      85. Do you wish you could move? ~ Yes and no.
      86. Do you take all the QuizPox.com quizzes? ~ All? I have a life, ya know..
      87. What is your dream car? ~ Ford Mustang, from either the 70s or any model.
      88. Have you ever wanted someone you cant have? ~ I always do.
      89. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be? ~ In Mark Harmon's arms.
      90. Are you happy with your life? ~
      Yes. :)


      Weddings and Freedom [and Some Acid too]

      You must be careful to what I say: a wedding isn't worth a thing, it's more like a reason to plan another masquerade of grotesque "fashion" and "music". I make the same mistake I make everytime I don't plug the damn headphones and put some music whenever "good news" appear on TV. Because I've got my mind set on criticizing this more and more. It gets me thinking, if I joined Journalism, would've I changed anything? Don't answer, it's quite rhetorical, I'd fight more than illusions.

      Here's the damn thing: you get bad news and good news on TV. Bad news usually mean murders between drunks, crisis, some divorce in some overnight enriched's life, crap like this, right? Riiiight. Well let me add some BAD news: we're pretending to have an European Capital, but we destroy the only hystoric center that still means something; we have cars entirely falling in abysses in the streets [yeah, abysses, holes is too nicely said]; we have children at 10 getting married in "some traditions" and nobody comments because it's "tradition" [tradition to be an idiot?]; we have...we have...we have...what we DON'T have is reasoning. Crisis, that used to be bad news, now this has become a simple word. When you repeat something indefinitely, it loses its value, but that's a bit too psychological for simple minds to grasp, eh?

      Good news: mostly overnight enriched's parties, cocktails, stupid and useless events, OR the new trend is to destroy even the traditions which could've still held something rather sacred in them. Take wedding, for example. No ramble about how important and romantic it is because it DOESN'T MATTER. What matters is to be en vogue, you must have a fashionable wedding ring or else you don't really count as truly married, if you don't embroid [merriam webster says: "something pleasing or desirable but unimportant (considered the humanities mere educational embroidery)" so RIGHT ON TOPIC :D:D:D, thumbs up] - where was I - embroid yourself with tons of shiny rocks which cost more than a whole neighborhood, your wedding is sentenced to death.

      I get such a frenzy when I pick on these things that I sometimes feel that someone, somewhere, somehow, will read this and, with prior complaints in his/her head, will have enough financial and social power to make things better. Ah, who knows, maybe that person will be me, maybe, if I get the same frenzy in a couple of years and don't just give up.

      Here's a theme of "reflection": imagine, just imagine, that somehow, the Colosseum [for example] would be in Bucharest. With all "due respect", how many of you strongly believe that by this time, it'd have become a mall for the "high class" society, holding shows every 6 months, with, instead of slaves fighting for freedom...girls from the rich restaurants...fighting for a Bucharest "don Juan"?

      I am crying of laughter. And I don't care how "acid" this sounded, you sometimes need acid to clean the infection. [*I took this photo. If ya want one like this, go there and get one. Hrrrrrr.]



      I forgot to mention: I'm back from Rome. =] I also saw Vatican, so the trip was double, so to speak. I am lazy to submit any photo at the moment, check my deviantART and there you'll have some preview. It was a great "undercover mission"!

      Random Crap

      Did anyone watch you the last time you kissed someone? Nope.
      When you're walking, do you stop to drink? Not always, but when I'm really thirsty, it's a whole ritual.
      Do you believe that if you want something bad enough you'll get it? For sure...somehow.
      Have you ever kissed someone in a vehicle? Yeah. And it was my longest kiss ever, as well.
      Ever snuck out of your house? Yes, even today.
      Kill or Be killed? Kill, kill, kill.
      Break someone’s heart or have your heart broken? Well, yeah...
      What did you do today? Skipped class.
      Do you like someone right this second? Oh, needless to say.
      Would you ever get a tattoo? I have a tattoo.
      What was the last thing you ate? French fries and chicken steak and salad.
      Are you a morning person or a night person? Night person, I hate mornings.
      Do you snore? I guess so. :)) I've been told that I don't.
      Do you know anyone who has gotten an abortion? Maybe and they never talked about it.
      What would you do if you opened up your front door to a dead body? I'd investigate.
      Do you like to spend time with people? No. Only with a few.
      Are you hungry? All the time.
      Are you a forgiving person? Yes, too much.
      When was the last time you did the dishes? Some time ago, definitely.
      Are you talking to anyone while doing this? To my alter ego, Mark.
      Do you want a relationship right now? Yes, with Mark.
      What are you about to do? Eat.
      Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn't? Oh yes, and later I saw the person and I got a bit freaked. :))))
      If you could be a superhero what would you want to do? Shapeshift.
      Three feelings at the moment? Love, peace, guilt.
      Done anything you regret so far in life? Nope.
      Are you listening to anything? People talking.
      Where are you right now? At home.
      What are you scared of? Dying and loneliness.
      Last movie you watched? The Deliberate Stranger.
      Last song you sang out loud? Wayne Static - NOT MEANT FOR ME
      Are you thinking of someone right now? Yes, of Mark Harmon.
      Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? My best friend.
      Last thing you downloaded on your computer? The Deliberate Stranger.
      Have you changed much this year? Yes.
      Where was the last place you went besides where you are? Rome & Vatican.
      Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Yes :D
      Do you speak any other language? Yes, English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German.
      Do you dress for style or comfort? Both. But more for comfort.
      Ever had a drunken night in Mexico? Not in Mexico.
      What's the craziest thing you've done? Ohh...drove without a license, smoked pot in a hotel, etc.
      Favorite color(s)? Red.
      What are you looking forward to this summer? To sail.
      Last time you smiled? A few seconds ago.
      If you could choose any fate what would you choose? My happiness.
      If you could have anything in the world, what would you want? Love.
      What do you consider your most traumatic moment from your childhood? When my grandfather died and I witnessed it.
      What did you do to overcome that event, if there was one? I don't know, it feels like some sort of unnatural force gave me strength, because I didn't go anything in particular and I was only 12.
      Do you prefer to sleep clothed or naked? Clothed.
      What are you wearing right now? Training blouse, some house jeans.
      Do you have to write notes to yourself to remember stuff? Sometimes.

      Have you practiced sexual role-playing? Yes.
      Have you been blindfolded during sex? Nope.
      Have you intentionally inflicted pain while performing sexual activities (sadism)? Yes.
      Have you willingly had pain inflicted on you during sexual activities (masochism)? Nope.

      Watching porn OR Making your own porn? Watching. Quite a lot lately lol.

      When did you get your first tattoo? I think 2 years ago.

      Do you have a tattoo that you constantly have to explain? Yeah. I should record myself.
      Have you ever gotten an infection from a tattoo?

      Would you consider ever getting any of your tattoos removed? Never.
      What are you going to get for your next tattoo? Something related to HONOR.
      Do you think members of the opposite sex with a lot of tattoo are hot? Depends on the person.

      Be recognized for saving 500 people's lives or be voted the no. 1 sexiest person in your country? Saving 500 people's lives. I don't need to be voted by some retards to feel sexy.
      Have an alarm clock that wakes you by slowly making your bed ice cold or an alarm clock that wakes you by shaking your bed violently? Ice cold bed, the other would freak me out and I'd kick in the left and right every morning. :))))
      Run into a wall or fall down the stairs? Run into a wall. [that reminds me of... :)) ]
      Be a pirate or be a ninja? Pirate all the way, baby.
      Be the no. 1 entertainer for 4 years or be president of the U.S? President.
      Walk on the ocean floor or jump to the moon with moonboots? Walk on the ocean floor.
      Be a superhero or be a super villan? Super villain.
      Be really creative or be really intelligent? Really intelligent. That brings creativity as well.
      Be able to fly or be able to turn invisible? Fly....it's my dream.
      Be super famous on YouTube or win 1 thousand dollars? 1 thousand bucks.
      Have cookies and milk or juice and crackers? Cookies and milk.
      Go without watching TV for 2 weeks or without a computer for 2 weeks? Without TV.
      Have a million friends that secretly hate you or have 1 best friend? 1 best friend. Who would be retarded enough to pick the first anyway?
      Live in hot weather for the rest of your life or cold weather for the rest of your life? Hot weather.
      Take over the Playboy Mansion when Hugh Heffner dies or Win the Lottery? Win the lottery.
      Be a good singer or be a good dancer? Good singer.
      Be a famous singer or be a famous actor/actress? Famous singer.
      Sleep with a celebrity of your choice or not have to work for 5 years? Sleep with a celebrity of my choice.....that would be Mark Harmon.
      Win 5 million dollars or find true love? Find true love.
      Live in a house on the water or live in a castle? Castle.
      Be Jonny Depp's girlfriend or have Jonny Depp's salary? His salary. I'd prefer him as a friend, not boyfriend.
      Be the same age forever or live to 100? Same age forever.
      Become famous for having a meltdown on YouTube or never become famous? Never become famous.
      Have lived in the 8th century or be born in the year 3000? (If the world still exists then) Uh. 3000?
      Be a mad scientist or a private invertigator? Mad scientist. Private investigator is too cheesy, I'd prefer special agent.
      Have rain for a year non-stop or have nothing but suns for a year non-stop? Sun sun sun.
      Kill your own meal (meat) or become a vegetarian? Vegetarian.
      Get stuck in an elevator for 34 hours or gain 15 pounds? What's 15 pounds?
      Be too hot with all your clothes off or too cold with a winter coat on? Too hot.
      Be alergic to your favorite food or never find true love? Allergic to my favorite food.
      Be a dinosaur or be a penguin? Dinosaur.
      Be trapped in a haunted house alone or alone on a desterted island? Haunted house. At least I can get to an agreement.
      Have love but no money or have money but no love? Love and no money.
      Do Elmo workout videos or be obese? Uh...do elmo I guess.
      Live in Paris as a bum for a year or live in Kansas and be rich? Hmm...Paris.
      Get hit by a car going 8 miles per hour or fall down 2 flights of steps? None. Lol. Hit by a car then.
      Give up alcohol or give up your favorite food? Alcohol, because it sucks anyway.
      Skip Christmas for a year or skip your birthday for a year? Birthday.
      Own a MAC or own a PC? PC.
      Never use MySpace again or never use Facebook again? Facebook.
      Only eat chicken for the rest of your life or only eat beef for the rest of your life? Chicken.
      Date the wrong people until you meet the right one or stay single til you meet the right one? Uh. I dated the wrong people, so now I can surely choose stay single til I meet the right one.
      Have muscular abs or have muscular arms? Arms.
      Go to federal prison for 3 months or go through 4 years of high school all over again? 4 years of highschool.
      Have a bird that curses or a dog that humps things? I have a dog that humps things, so all I need is a bird that curses.
      Be rich and lose it all or never become rich? Never become rich, duh.



      I am leaving to Rome tomorrow, returning on Monday. Of all the ones that I consider friends, there's one person I miss the most, and by "all I consider friends", I mean less than 3 people.

      So this one goes to you, DiNosey. I will be back soon, to headslap ya, to be behind ya when ya tell your co-workers about my fantasies with strippers, to hear ya ramble ooon and on about movies [and I am sure you even invent some of them :) ], when you keep telling people that you're pregnant with McGee... :)) I have ears everywhere.

      I know I make no sense, it's late [considering the hour I will have to wake up], but I just hope that when you'll read this, you'll smile and almost feel my breath behind you.

      Be good, I'm watching ya. And I didn't write your name in green "by coincidence". ;) 'cause we don't believe in coincidences around here.


      Change The Channel!

      In the presented situation, the extract from a nice movie with my mentor, called "Magic In The Water", unfortunately doesn't work. Mark plays the role of a workaholic dad who has the job of a radio psychologist, who gets calls live from fans and people who ask him for advice. He usually offers advice like: "2 words: STOP WHINING" or "3 words: GET A LIFE". One guy calls once:

      Guy: "Hi, listen, I called to tell you that your show sucks. I hate it. I can't stand it."

      Mark: "Hi. Is anyone pointing a shotgun at your head right now?"

      Guy: "Uh...no."

      Mark: "Then I have 3 words: CHANGE THE CHANNEL!"

      In my case, nobody is pointing a gun at me and God, how I'd wish to be able to call Mark and tell him that "his show sucks" [ :))) ], but it is far from that. If I ever watch TV, it's either Discovery Channel or shows related, but I sometimes want to hope that tv shows in Romania have a damn other theme rather than the usual masquerade of non-talents and retarded looking "artists".

      I am not RACIST, this is not a matter of such things, although if you consider being loathed by idiocy and lack of talent - racism, then fine, I am. "Rock'n'Rrom???"


      What the hell is this?? How can you defend a country that claims it's not infested with this crap when all the shows, all the tv series, the attitude of the typical person is related to being as UNEDUCATED as possible?? Oh, I would defend my country, I have a deep respect for its history, for certain, I can tell when it gets so infected that it stinks.

      I can even guess the typical question I'd get: "Why do you write in English?". This will be my next post. Now I am too stuck on this to "explain myself", or better said, just giving you the impression that I do.

      You make reality shows...about so called "divas". *yawn* . How 'bout a reality show about people who travel all around the world and learn about new cultures? How about a reality show like OCC? Yeah, OCC, don't tell me there are no people in Romania who would love to build choppers or even who build personalized bikes. Or a reality show like Haunted Homes? I am talking about something that can actually teach people?

      Nah. It's more fun to watch the way I don't know what "diva" cooks her crap or goes to high life parties or how some rednecks fight over a small house in a village that you've never heard of until the present day.

      Don't tell me to change the channel. I don't wanna! I want to open the damn TV, put on one of our channels on PRIME TIME and actually watch something GOOD! I don't want to change the channel and just resign and say that "that's life". And I am aware of how many other people said the saaaaame thing I am saying and how many times I SAID the saaame thing about this, but if the media doesn't change this "let's sell stupidity because it gets our wallets thick" policy, we're screwed.
      [*] Yes, the picture is my alter ego and his usual expression when watching TV lately. Funny is that in this picture, the thing presented on tv is him watching himself. But the expression is fit for my actual state.


      I have been hypnotized by that voice. It's late, it's night, and I hear it and it's good. Peaceful. Sometimes so peaceful that it turns ecstatic. It's cleansing me even from physical pain. It makes me refuse any other synthetic method of reaching the highest state. It kills the demons. It inspires and lives in me.