Presa Porcina

Nu mai am nimic de adaugat. "It made my day", vorba frantuzului.


Light Sleeper

Considering that I am one of the few maniacs who woke up scared by the earthquake that happened last night, I can say that I am a hell of a light sleeper. Nobody around me felt anything and for a long time I thought that I was insane and that I must've had a bad dream. The rather funny part is that the tv didn't make such a big fuss about it.

I assume that even the "tabloiders" and the "OTVizers" were fast asleep at that time, so I was deprived of their "shocking" and "incredibly powerful" experiences. And when you say that you saw/felt something and everybody around you tells you that it didn't happen, you begin to question your reason.

What I question is rather related to my previous entry, the shuffle one. I made another survey tonight, which I might post, maybe highlighting only the songs which fit. How on earth do things connect that way, for a person who doesn't believe in coincidences?


Playlist Shuffle

I normally hate these, but I will post this one in particular because some songs fit perfectly. The idea of this game is to put your playlist on shuffle and for every question, you post the title that appears. Here's what I got:

How are you feeling? ~ Disobedience
If someone asks if you're okay, you say...? ~ Bleeding Heart
What are you looking forward to today? ~ The Crow
Whats your favorite thing to do? ~ Concerning Hobbits [Haha, it fits]
What are you afraid of most? ~ Across The Stars
What are you craving at the moment? ~ Hospital del Mar
When you hear an annoying sound you say... ~ About a Girl [I agree]
When you fall you think... ~ The Edge [DAMN THIS ONE FIT]
Before you fall asleep you think of... ~ Reborn By The Seed Of Death
How do you feel about the people you love? ~ Celtic Dream
What comes to mind when you think of someone you hate? ~ Dissapear Here [what the...]
What's something you always keep in mind? ~ Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
What's your motto? ~ Crushed Dreams
Your Reason for waking up in the morning? ~ Supersonic Journey
Your crush has the quality of... ~ King [oh yes]
When you taste something amazing you think.. ~ I Don't Wanna Be On TV
How you feel about your pets. ~ Memories
When describing yourself you tell people... ~ No Sleep Tonight
When people say "your mom" you think... ~ Sie sagte Nazis raus
The rain reminds you of... ~ Endless Quest
Models make you think of... ~ The Ring Goes South
What is your deepest darkest secret? ~ Alcohol
In your past life you were... ~ The Rape of Virtue [haha yeah :D ]
Describe your room. ~ Californication
How would you describe your favorite memory? ~ Revolution
To you, what do smelly socks represent? ~ Release the Frequency [I agree]
How about the American flag? ~ The Gypsy Meets The Boy [wow...]
A hot guy/girl? ~ Warhead [you can change warhead to "jarhead" and it's 100% true]
What comes to mind when you hear a car alarm? ~ Coma
And the doorbell? ~ Back in the USSA
When you smell eggs it makes you want to...? ~ Gone with the Sin
What do you like in a guy/girl? ~ Let's Get It On [HAHA]
You think the meaning of life is...? ~ Hibernation Sickness Complete
What do your parents think of you? ~ Voices Within
What do your friends think of you? ~ Declaration of Spiritual Independence [OH YES]
What is 2 + 2? ~ The Modern End [oh yes]
You think your best friend...? ~ Beta Complex
What do you want to be when you grow up? ~ Firestarter [WOW]
At your wedding, you will say...? ~ Two Of Us [WHAT THE...]
At your funeral, someone will exclaim...! ~ Children of the Grave [ALRIGHT this is scary]

Paris Time

One of the things that inspired me in Paris, besides the usual which I will enlist is their subway net. I never thought I'd fall in love with Paris until I visited it. There you can really say that YOU HAVE diversity. You can get from a neighborhood of artists like Montmartre, to a futuristic breeze in Defense, or you can have a walk on one of world's most expensive streets on Champs Elysees etc. If you want to simply see the "dark side", you can go in the "suburbs" and pray that you'll return alive and with your pockets in the same condition like when you went there.

So you've got artists:

Then you can get more "futuristic":

Or simply full of passion:

You can even find Jim Morrison there, if you're also insane enough to go 4 times there because they don't want to let you in:

I have to show off and post a photo of me next to his grave:

You can go where absolutely everybody goes:

...and feel like home. The city is very welcoming, it doesn't have that cold atmosphere that big cities have. I think that, besides its architecture and hundreds of monuments, this was the thing that made me really enjoy it.

Did I mention feeling safe? :)

There are a lot of photos I took, but I only chose to post a few. The rest is for you to go and see for yourself.

You want to see the Louvre?

You know that you can even become nationalistic if you want.

But its subway net is also a "wonder of mankind". It is well organized, there are a LOT of lines and if you think that at Piata Unirii you get lost, there you have 6, 7 maybe even 8 or 9 lines in the same station, in almost EVERY station. The subway comes with intervals of 2-3 minutes, they have indications so you can get lost only if you want to.

Do you want a night view? This was taken from my hotel balcony.

I promised a mini "chronicle" of Paris, here you go. I wanted to do it for quite a while, but I was lazy. There are a hell lot more things to say, so I might add to this.

[*] Note, the photos belong to me and I was nice to post them for you. They have watermarks from deviantART, and they don't treat thieves well. You can copy them as long as you don't claim them as your own or alter them and claim as your own. If you want to use them, credit me. I have a friend who is a lawyer and he can spare a little time for art thievery, if I ask him kindly.


Se intampla mereu sa ti se ceara explicatii pentru ceva ce ai/n-ai facut. Trebuie sa stii ca, daca alegi sa oferi explicatii, atunci trebuie sa fii selectiv. Daca nu dai explicatii nimanui, atunci e cel mai simplu. Daca dai tuturor, atunci esti cam fraier.

Pe zi ce trece ajung la concluzia ca evit situatiile in care trebuie sa dau explicatii. Exceptii exista si ele doar confirma regula.. Confirma ca evit anumite situatii pentru a nu face persoana respectiva de rahat. Multi oameni care au impresia ca li se cuvine totul, cer explicatii si inventeaza obligatii. Adica, in traducere, ei freaca menta prin jungla lor din care inca n-au invatat sa vorbeasca vreo limba [incluzand pe cea materna], ca mai apoi sa fie ei cei ce dau un nou sens eticii. Adica "dom'le, tu de ce nu m-ai ajutat la examen, pentru ca eu am stat si am baut gin tonic in timp ce tu invatai, iar acum tu cum iti permiti sa nu ma ajuti si pe mine?"

Asa ca imi trimiteti fel de fel de mesaje in care intrebarile sunt "de ce nu mi-ai dat/de ce nu m-ai ajutat". Da, ma roade pe mine treaba asta acum si scriu despre ea ca sa nu dau in cap. Daca va plangeti ca aici e greu, atunci...e clar.

Raspunsul la intrebare va fi intotdeauna: nu am de ce sa va dau explicatii. Iar daca ma stresati in continuare si veniti la mine, s-ar putea sa va spun ca n-aveti nici la cine sa va plangeti. Daca vreti sa va plangeti unui prof ca nu v-au ajutat colegii la examen, n-o sa-i pice bine. :) Daca vreti sa va plangeti ca eu am avut ceva si voi nu, aratati o dovada. :) I'll act as my own lawyer on this one.

Am scris asta public, iar daca unul din voi se nimereste sa citeasca, foarte bine. Daca nu, si mai bine. Doar atat spun: ma stresati, sunteti ofticanti, needucati si n-am CHEF sa va dau explicatii. Si am sa v-o spun si in fata daca va doriti asa de mult.

Sa m-apuc si eu sa va cer explicatii? :)



Nu e vorba de ţâţe [imi place sa scriu uneori unele cuvinte cu diacritice].

Probabil ca si in alte tari se practica "sportul" asta, dar pe mine ma doare ce se intampla pe-aici. Nu glumesc cand spun ca s-a intamplat de multe ori sa vad un teren gol, pe care urma sa se construiasca o cladire, dar care avea deja puse casetele luminoase cu "X Night Club", desi constructia nici macar nu incepuse sau un magazin pe care au fost montate ecrane, bannerul cu numele firmei, chiar si orarul, dar magazinul in sine nici macar nu era terminat de construit.

Pe de alta parte, tot Bucurestiul e infectat de moda asta cu panouri mari publicitare peste cladiri, cu diverse reclame tampite, puse total fara noima, care acopera balcoane intregi, geamuri etc. Omul prefera sa primeasca bani si sa se izoleze si mai mult in cutia de beton in care sta, nu ma mai mir ca si mintile lor sunt la fel de izolate. Intr-adevar, mintea omului de rand nu e aerisita nici la propriu.

Totul pentru bani. Nu conteaza CA CApitala asta e distrusa, centrul istoric e plin de magazine de 2 bani si de tigani sau ca oamenii parca urasc frumosul si distrug cum pot mai bine tot ce ar putea sa fie de bun gust in orasul asta, banul troneaza. Ma intreb pentru ce mai vin turistii in Bucuresti. Oricum nu mai lungesc subiectul asta pentru ca deja mi-e sila.

Dar ce a pus capac si m-a "inspirat" sa scriu o alta postare nervoasa si acida :) e imnul "turistic "al Romaniei. Nu stiu daca e obligatoriu ca toate tarile UE sa aiba imn de genul asta, asa ca nu am sa contest ideea in sine. Ideea e draguta.

Ceea ce ma enerveaza e ca turismul in Romania e la pamant. Iar voi cu Vama Veche a voastra infecta sa nu vorbiti, pentru ca am draci pe asta si nu am chef sa raspund celor care mananca cacat [cacofoniile sunt scrise voit]. Turismul in Romania are, ca si Bucurestiul, extreme. Extrema 1 inseamna locuri ultra fitoase si scumpe si extrema 2 e in paragina.

Extremele sunt de cacat, in toate situatiile, de la politica la iubire. Sa inteleg ca voi ati creat un imn ipocrit al Romaniei in care ati inventat o imagine feerica pentru ca turistii sa ajunga si sa manance la restaurante slinoase, sa le intre gandacii in cur cand se duc la baie, sa vada urme de tot felul de lichide cand vor sa se culce si sa admire picturile murale de igrasie de pe pereti si peste toate, sa plateasca pe o noapte ca si cum ar sta la un hotel de 3-4 stele in Grecia.

Da, ba, ati pus "The Best Mall In Town" si orarul, dar cladirea o sa fie gata prin 2100. Solutii? Sunt multe si deja toata lumea stie ce e de facut, dar cei care mai incearca si reusesc sunt pe cont propriu.


The End

I promised myself [and a very good colleague of mine] that I won't dissect this thought anymore and that I'll put it aside. But I have to write about it. Today, Sunday at 9 I had an exam [nicely delayed with a few "hours" - hours in "before exam" terms mean centuries and you know] at Logics and after it was done, I stayed a while with my Team. I found some colleagues, in the last moments, of course, like at the parties when you have fun at the end, who turned out to be great people.

And when I say great people, I mean mostly RELIABLE. I was quite hopeless but finally I saw actions which made me say "yeah, man, there can still be people who don't let you down" and people who act as a TEAM. I admit I was really surprised, in a good way when I saw that there were occasions when they could've done like most people do: only care about themselves, but they didn't. They act as a team should, they didn't betray what we discussed and they stood up for me when I was stressed about some drama, as well.

BUT that is NOT the thought I was talking about. I just wanted to add this as a thank you. The real thing is that I had a friend in this college, amongst other acquaintances that I made. And I thought we were this way until things started to get strange for no particular reason, just random events.

I thought that it was going to be one of those friendships that will last. But today we met and as much as it saddened me, we acted like two acquaintances in nice relations, which met "just like that", but having a lot of meaningful looks.

It is not a tragedy and not even a drama, it is more like a conclusion. No, friendships don't "just die", we WERE FRIENDS and the events that occured made this end, but I still want to know why. And I sort of guess why, but I can still give the "probable cause" a chance.

From my part, the friendship's gone. I have no remorse, only some memories that will fade in time. I should've stuck to my top 4 people that I can call friends, with two of them being unquestionably and always there, from the start. Which I'll start redoing.



As vrea ca prin intermediul blogului sa-i felicit pe cei ce-au elaborat subiectele la Istorie pentru demisie. Vreau, totusi sa-i intreb de ce nu au demisionat inainte sa se angajeze? :)) Cumva elevii arata ca niste au fete de cobai? Va place sa experimentati pe ei? Spun asta MAI ALES pentru ca si eu am dat capacitatea si BAC-ul la istorie si intr-un fel, e un subiect pe care nu pot sa nu-l comentez. Desi, chiar daca ar fi fost examen la o alta materie, ce vina au elevii ca voi nu sunteti in stare sa faceti cateva subiecte?

Voi nu va ganditi ca elevii astia au si-asa emotii la examene? Da, emotiile nu sunt trecute in barem, dar exista; si pana si un subiect corect poate sa-i deruteze, intr-o asemenea stare. Mai are rost sa spun ca in starea in care sunt la examen, sa primeasca o cerinta gresita ii face sa creada ca au uitat tot ce au invatat.

Postarea asta a fost facuta acum cateva zile dar mi-a fost lene s-o public.


Nu sunt impotriva homosexualilor/lesbienelor, insa nu e nevoie de o parada a sexualitatii pentru a-ti exprima/cere dreptul la libertate. Cei care merg la parada pentru a crea conflicte sunt la fel de tembeli. Nu iau partea nici Bisericii si ideilor "traditionale de familie", dar nici paradei gay.

Paradele sunt o tampenie. Sunt sigura ca sunt multi homosexuali care isi traiesc viata in liniste, fara a se imbraca in femei si a se face de ras in public. Eu as zice ca fiecare om are dreptul sa-si traiasca viata asa cum vrea, atat timp cat nu deranjeaza pe ceilalti. Foarte multi oameni heterosexuali isi fac simtita prezenta intr-un mod tampesc, asa ca nimeni nu are dreptul sa judece orientarea sexuala a unui om, ca si cum ar fi perfect.

De asemenea, cei care ii refuza din start pe homosexuali intr-un interviu pentru o slujba sunt la fel de tampiti. Un homosexual e un om ca si tine, ca si mine si cu siguranta ca isi poate face treaba la fel de bine, asa ca nu pricep ce te deranjeaza ca el prefera o persoana de acelasi sex. Si nu fii ipocrit, pentru ca daca ai auzi ca o femeie e lesbiana, ai saliva si te-ai ruga s-o vezi cu prietena ei.

Dupa mine, poti sa fii gay sau ce vrei tu, atat timp cat este un subiect privat, nu taboo, doar privat, cum ar trebui sa fie viata sexuala a fiecaruia. Hai, mai inteleg ca o povestesti unui prieten, doi, trei, dar nu intr-o parada. Iar pentru cei care-si expun viata heterosexuala in toate ziarele si pe la toate petrecerile: mai ganditi-va inainte sa-i judecati pe ei, pentru ca nu sunteti diferiti. La voi in schimb nu se cheama parada gay, ci "palmares".



I don't care who reads/doesn't read this. I loooooove to answer :D

1. Would you rather have a kiss on the neck or forehead?
I love neck kisses, but I'd prefer a forehead one for its meaning.

2. What color is your phone?
Black with silver.

3. What friend of the opposite sex would you most likely end up in jail with (and why them)?
I prefer committing my crimes alone, thank you.

4. What is one fact about you?
I have been writing since I was 8 or 9.

5. Do you wanna go to college someday?
I AM in college [Philosophy].

6. What is your graduating year?
2006 I think.

7. Have you ever broken someone's heart?

8. Is there anyone you wish you were texting right now, and what is one fact about them?
Mark Harmon. He is my mentor.

9. Do looks matter?
On a certain level, yes.

10. Are you happy with the way things are going?
Yes, on a certain level. Of course there are things I am not so glad about, but overall I am happy.

11. Do you have feelings for anyone right now?
I always have feelings for someone.

12. Have you ever regretted kissing someone?
Yes, and when I say regret, I mean that. They just started to stalk me after that.

13. What's tomorrow?
It will be a beautiful day. Besides that, one day before my next exam.

14. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
My bed is for one person. :) But normally, I hate sleeping at the wall. It's the only times I get anxiety attacks.

15. Are there any stressful situations in your life?
Yes, of course. I tend to over-stress sometimes, but I kind of work at best in stressful situations.

16. What do you think your best friend is doing right now?
Role playing with me :X

17. Have you ever liked someone so badly it hurt?
Yes, I do right now..

18. What do you look for in the opposite sex?
MATURITY, life experience, certain things only I know and can't really explain..

19. Have you ever pictured yourself in a certain relationship?

20. Scary or romance movies?
Scary, I am a fan of those. As about romance, I prefer a bit more "morbid" sorts of romances, like between a Predator and a human. =]

21. Have you ever slept on the floor with someone you liked?
I slept on the floor, but alone.

22. Do you think it's cute when a girl/guy holds your face while kissing you?
It is beautiful...

23. Would you ever go sky diving?
Oh yes, but I'd have to be thrown from the jet so I don't reconsider.

24. Is there anything you should be doing right now instead of this?
Yes, normally I should study. :)

25. Do you have a bad temper?
Yes, I can say that I am a fireball when I get pissed and I tend to get pissed fast.

26. Are you a friendly person?
Yes, very friendly if you talk to me right.

27. Has anyone ever called you a princess?
My grandfather.

28. What's the first thing you wash on your body?
My hands. If my hands are clean then I can wash entirely.

29. Would you ever live in a trailer park?
If the company's right, of course...

30. Have you ever crawled through a window?
Yes!! I love doing that! :D

31. Has anyone ever called you beautiful?

32. Is there anyone who could text you and automatically make you smile?
Yes. I love that kind of smile.

33. Would you ever work as a stripper if you were broke?
Hmmmm maybe, but only stripper, nothing more and not strip entirely.

34. Do you laugh a lot?
More than a lot.

35. Are you in love with anyone?
Oh yes.

36. Is anyone in love with you?
Yes. That doesn't mean we're together.

37. Is there anyone you would kiss right now?
But of course..

38. When was the last time someone held your hand?
I don't remember.

39. Would you prefer a thunderstorm or for it to be snowing?
Snowing. I am afraid of lightning.

40. Would you ever get a tattoo?
I have a tattoo and I am waiting for the second now.

41. Does the person you're dating and you have a song?
I am not dating him, but we do have a song. :)) Actually, more than one.

42. Have you ever lost anyone?

43. Have you ever had the cops called on you?
Uhm yeah and I paid..

44. When was the last time you had to deal with the police?
I have dealt with the police a lot of times and it's a subject I don't want to talk about.

45. Do you know anyone that smokes pot?
Yes. And I smoked pot a few times too.

46. Would you get drunk right now?
Never. No more of that state for me.

47. Has a guy ever hit you?

48. Have you ever punched a wall?

49. Has anyone of your friends seen your butt?
Yes :))

50. Do you get along with funny people?
I get along only with funny people.


Yes, I LOVE to make surveys. If I got paid for this, I'd be rich. And since this is my place of nonsense, ya'll get to know me better. I am honest.

Are you registered to vote? Yup.
Did you vote at the last election? Yes, in the second tour though.
Democrat or Republican? If done correctly, both apply very well. But people in general have misused both ideologies and it all goes to hell. So I can't really choose one and just deny the other.
Did you vote for Clinton? Nnnnope.
Did you vote for Bush? Nnnnope.
Do you wish you could change your vote?
Not my vote, rather the people who we were supposed to vote.

For or Against:
Abortion? It depends on every case. Theoretically I'd be against, but there are situations where abortion would be a better choice.
Gay marriage? Let them marry, for God's sake and stop being homophobic. I hate homophobes, really.
Prayer & bibles in school? Hmm now that's a bit tricky. I'd say that each family should be responsible to educate the child in conformity with their religion rather than school.
Capital Punishment? Totally against. If you consider that you're above a criminal and kill him "to make justice", then you're lower than him. At least he doesn't claim to be just.
War? How could one be for war?
Legalized Marijuana?
Legalized or not, people are still going to smoke it. It doesn't make much difference.

What do you think of:
Paris Hilton? What could I possibly think of the person in my #1 top of annoying and stupid people?
Rosie ODonnell? N/A
George Bush? Charismatic. And 70% people who were "against" him, were because they were indoctrinated. I don't say I am for him either.
Donald Trump? I prefer not to disclose that..
Britney Spears? She had a good music for that type, way before she started acting stupid and making music more for the money than for the sake of it.
Lindsay Lohan? I liked her in Freaky Friday [how not..]. That's about it.
Nicole Richie?
Do I have to have an opinion?

Would you hook up with an ex? Most likely not.
Would you forgive an ex who cheated? It depends, I forgive but that doesn't mean we'd be together again.
Have you cheated on an ex? Yes and that is why I don't cheat anymore.
Have you stalked an ex? Never, but one stalked me, after he dumped me, and that is veeery "interesting".
Have you stalked an exes new partner? No, I don't stalk people.
Do your friends still like your ex? One of them, yes, because he is a great guy.
Is it ok for a friend to date your ex?
I can't say I'd be thrilled, but it's their choice.

Would you date:
Someone who cheated in their past? Yes, people change, they deserve a second chance if it's worth.
Someone your family didnt like? Sure, but I'd ask them why, maybe they know better. I trust my family.
Someone with different religious beliefs? I'd say yes, I dated people with different religion beliefs than mine. But it depends if he's a fanatic or not.
Someone of a different race? I dated someone of a different race. So why not, again?
A shorter guy (for girls) OR taller girl (for guys)? Yes, I dated one, but I prefer a guy who's taller than me. And MUCH older.
Someone who has been to jail or prison? Ohhh yeah. Although I'd quite watch my six all the time. But that guy's dead anyway, so I might just reconsider..
Someone who lives with their parents? Now, what's bad in that?
Someone overweight?
Most likely no, I like athletic men.



In 99% din cazuri, nu sunt o persoana cu prejudecati evidente [cand spun prejudecati evidente inseamna ca nu dau cu pietre in cineva, chiar si la propriu, din cauza ideilor preconcepute ori de mine ori de altii]. Incerc sa inteleg pe oricine intr-un mod diferit, pentru ca fiecare persoana alege sa faca un anumit lucru dintr-un motiv ce aparent seamana cu restul lumii. De exemplu, un om poate alege sa-si tatueze o sirena pentru ca e un "taran" prost, iar altul, pentru ca sirena i-a adus o suta de revelatii pe parcursul vietii..

Eu sunt genul ala de om care poate sta de vorba cu orice "stereotip" uman, fara a-l privi din cap pana-n picioare de 3 ori si a-l judeca numai dupa aparente. In general accept sa ascult orice idee, atat timp cat nu ma jigneste nemotivat si, normal, imi exprim acordul sau dezacordul, dupa caz. Daca ma jigneste nemotivat, totusi, poate sa ma si pupe in cur, pentru ca nu prea am chef sa vorbesc in eufemisme.

Multi se asteapta ca eu sa fiu in stare sa discut numai cu stereotipurile numite "rockeri", iar eu am sa spun ca o mare parte din ei sunt la fel de tampiti ca aia pe care ii tot detesta, "manelistii". Daca ascult un om pe care la prima/a doua/a treia vedere l-as considera un idiot si aud ceva interesant, frumos formulat sau pur si simplu gandit cum trebuie, n-am sa ezit sa spun ca omul acela nu e pierdut de tot, desi aparentele ar spune ca da.

Insa ceva ma face sa-mi blochez orice dorinta de a sta langa o persoana. Pe langa zilele proaste si replicile lipsite de creier propriu [mda, "creierul propriu" e din ce in ce mai rar folosit], e o treaba care ma scarbeste rau si aceea e sa imi vorbesti cu "fata".

Ceea ce inseamna ca oricate facultati ai avea, oricate carti ai fi scris [ciudat ca ai ajuns asa departe], oricat de deschisa la minte sau de cretina ai fi, daca-mi vorbesti cu "fata", eu n-am sa pot sa sustin o conversatie fara a avea o moaca destul de scarbita. Daca la asta se adauga ori ca ma bati la cap cand eu evident te evit sau ai un analfabetism critic in scris [asta se refera la comunicarea online], atunci e un caz pierdut.

Efectiv, nu SUPORT cand aud pe cineva vorbind asa si imi face rau fizic. Si mai trist e cand vad pe cineva SCRIIND asta. La apelativul [daca nu e apelativ, corecteaza-ma] asta se mai adauga si "fa". Nu stiu altii cum ignora, dar uite ca eu nu pot sa trec peste asta, desi tolerez mai mult decat ar trebui.

SEMI OFF-TOPIC: Azi, un film:

"He is really different from the other men I loved."
"You mean this guy didn't go to prison."



Ask Me Already

1. What is more difficult: looking into someones eyes when telling how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they tell you how they feel? ~ Looking into their eyes when they tell me how they feel. I learnt in time to look in one's eyes when I speak my feelings, but it's hard to keep the gaze when I don't know what to expect.

2. Think of the last time you were angry. Why were you angry? ~ I was angry because I realized that I spend too much money on my vices and I don't seem to want to control that.

3. You will die in three minutes. Last call? ~ I wouldn't bother to call anybody, I'd just live those 3 minutes in peace.

4. If you could do anything OR wish anything, what would it be? ~ I'd do, I am spending too much of my time wishing and if it were to choose, of course I'd prefer to DO.

5. You can have one of the following two things: trust or love. ~ Trust, because once I get to trust and things go right, I can have love as well. I had enough love without certainty or trust and it's only another way to suffer.

6. You are walking to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss told you if you are late one more time youre fired. Do you save the dog? ~ Yes, I'd save the dog and if my boss can't understand that I was late for this, then he doesn't deserve me to work for him anymore so I can consider that I fire MYSELF.

7. Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone? ~ Yes, I did and it was fun.

8. Think of the last person who you know that died. You have the chance to give them 1 hour of life back, but you have to give one year of your life. Do you do it? ~ No. My life is more precious than anything and I wouldn't give years of my life for anything, let alone 1 hour.

9. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend? ~ Yes, because I am reliable, but I have my flaws, too...

10. Does sex=love? ~ No, if it's done between two who love each other, then it's a very beautiful act, but sex is a simple physiological process, such as eating or getting a massage.

11. Are you old fashioned? ~ If you consider nowadays fashions of interaction new, then yes, I am damn old fashioned.

12. Would you marry someone if they were unable to have sex? ~ I don't know. *Thinking of Mark Harmon* Yes, we'd manage to get this part satisfied somehow else. The feelings I'd have for him would be too strong to refuse this.

13. What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back? ~ To tell them that I don't love them back, because people have such odd way of reacting to this. I still get messages to meet from a guy to whom I clearly denied any feelings...and it's a pain in the ass.

14. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up? ~ My life.

15. Romantic love, when was the last time you told someone you loved them? ~ Today, and yes, it was in a romantic way. :">

16. If you had to go back in time and change one thing, if you HAD to, even if you have "no regrets" what would you change? ~ Starting to smoke.

17. Imagine. It is a dark night, you are alone, it is raining outside, you hear someone walking around outside your window. WHO do you wish was there with you? ~ Arrrr "walking outside my window :s"... Mark Harmon. He is handy at everything. :)

18. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying? ~ Yes, but not mouth to mouth.

19. You are holding onto your grandmother's dying hand and the hand of a newborn that you do not know as they hang over the edge of a cliff. You have to let one go to save the other which one would it be? ~ My grandmother. Sorry, I am a selfish bastard. I am not in the mood to be all hypocritical.

20. When and how was the last time you told someone how you REALLY feel? If You had three months to live: ~ I almost tell people everyday how I really feel, but they rarely take it serious.

21. Do you tell anyone or everyone you are going to die? ~ Yes, and I will also tell them that I wish that it was them instead of me.

22. What do you do with your remaining days? ~ Maybe become a serial killer and go bungee jumping.

23. Would you be afraid?
~ No, I'd be terrified.


Waking up early should be illegal. And also, having to go to school, have exams or do anything related to a job, in the weekends.

You have 5 damn days already, to make people work, why call them in the weekends, too? Weekends are supposed to be free and that's it, unless you have a weekend job which you chose. Waking up early is the same thing. It ruins my whole day, I am a zombie all day.

And waking up early + going on that disgusting road to my college is double shit.

:) Alrighty then, I'm off.



...Acum cateva zile m-a rugat "Ni" s-o ajut la germana, ceea ce-mi place la nebunie. Imi place s-o ajut. De obicei imi place sa ajut pe cineva pentru ca ma face pe mine sa ma simt mai bine, dar in cazul asta imi place s-o ajut pur si simplu. Nu stiu sigur la ce varsta am inceput sa fac meditatii la germana, probabil 9-10-11 ani. Faceam acasa, pentru ca la scoala nu erau ore de germana. Aveam un prof in varsta, care aducea tot felul de carti vechi si invatasem germana "aia veche" - manualele erau cam in genul celor comuniste, despre fabrici si uzine, despre Bundesrepublik Deutschland :) si invatam tone de cuvinte pe care in mod normal nu le mai auzeai in limbajul nemtilor "de acum". Imi amintesc si acum un cuvant imens, desi e folosit si azi: "Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung" [limitare de viteza] - mereu ma dau mare cu asta - sau foloseam "Kartoffeln" in loc de "Chips".

Odata eram in Germania si am cerut la McDonald's Kartoffeln si aia se holba la mine ca la felul 19, iar cand am spus "Chips" s-a prins. Eh, proful meu era un om deosebit. Pe la 15 ani mi s-a pus pata pe Danemarca si mitologia nordica [de aia mi-am si facut tatuaj cu runa Ansuz - m-a tinut ceva obsesia], iar el mi-a adus cadou o carte despre limba Daneza, pe care a scris "prietenei mele, Diana".

Desi, la ore, mereu abia asteptam sa termin, imi dau seama cat de bun profesor a fost si cate lucruri tin minte de la el. Eu n-am facut niciodata germana la scoala. Prin clasa a 11-a, parca, nu a mai putut sa vina.. Deja imbatranise mult si ii era greu sa mai vina, asa ca incet-incet n-a mai ajuns. Am gasit o noua profa careia i-am dat intr-o zi niste bani pentru o carte si a disparut.

Pentru 300.000 lei vechi. Toata germana pe care am invatat-o, am invatat-o de la el. De atunci n-am mai exersat nimic si totusi tin minte, iar germana e o limba a naibii de grea. Prietena mea [ :) ] are incredere in mine, iar ea o studiaza la scoala..

Cati profesori se dedica pe bune? Nu e singurul prof de care pot spune acelasi lucru. Un alt profesor, de istorie de data asta, a reusit sa ma "scoata" de la 2 la teza, la 9 in BAC, in conditiile in care proful de la scoala mi-a dat o data gresita a examenului, iar eu m-am dus sa dau examen la engleza cand de fapt aveam istorie. Cu el, insa pastrez legatura.

Oamenii astia merita titlul de profesor. Oameni care nu-ti cer o tona de informatii inutile si de la care retii atatea, dupa ani de zile.


Live The Life

Last night I watched "Real Strange" on ZONE REALITY and there was a report about how some people managed to find a way to make mundane and rather depressing event such as paying taxes a funny thing.

Post Office Tax Party in Lawrence, Kansas - it's a video as well. These people decided to have a tax party, where people come to pay their taxes so that the IRS doesn't get "mad", but instead of finding a dull and tense atmosphere, they bump into a party. I must agree that this idea is admirable.

You know, all we do is complain and complain. Romanians, like some other countries, are champions at complaining. They complain about high taxes, about bad roads, about huge lines at the post office, about education, about everything. I AGREE that there are thousands of problems here and nobody from the "leadership" cares to solve them, but if you see that for years and years, complaining didn't work, why do you still complain?

Don't tell me that I compare Americans to Romanians again, because this is just another excuse. It's not that I compare the roads to these, or the nightlife or even the cosmopolitan life. I simply compare how people see a problem. They know that they have to pay the taxes but they make it easier to do.

You can say that "Yes, but there, the Government cares about people, why should we pay them taxes here when they don't give a damn?". Good question and I'll answer it. Because you HAVE TO. Because if you don't, you'll be charged. That is the way it goes so instead of moaning, why not make your life a bit sweeter?

Don't think that those people love to pay their taxes. They are human beings like you, like me and everybody. But they have discovered something that all of you should, and that is living the life. Just like that.

LATE EDIT: Fally, the owner of the video has seen my post and liked it, which made me glad. I had a short talk with Fally about this but I wouldn't paste it to you here now, would I? :P Indeed I am impressed by the videos and I must congratulate you guys! So go to the channel and watch more videos! :D Go see how people can have fun, maybe you learn something! :) Peace.




Wanna know why? Because I am a slothy bastard. Instead of studying right now, because I have an exam very soon, I am sitting here writing in this damn blog and finding any OTHER action rather than studying.

I chose philosophy because I love it. Once you love something and you start doing things out of obligation, it gets shitty.

"For an individual, procrastination may result in stress, a sense of guilt, the loss of personal productivity, the creation of crisis and the disapproval of others for not fulfilling one's responsibilities or commitments. [wikipedia]".

Stress - checked, sense of guilt - checked, loss of personal productivity - not sure, crisis - checked, disapproval of others - they dont KNOW but since I put this public, now they DO.

I say all the time that I start now. Alright, I am GOING TO. RIGHT NOW. I am exiting this blog right now and I am starting to study in 3..2..1...


Banuiesc ca multi dintre voi nu stiti ca imi rod unghiile. De fapt imi rod pielitele, iar degetele mele s-ar putea sa lase doar amprente partiale [haha :D ]. Oricum nu e mai scarbos decat obiceiuri ca scobitul in nas in public, in urechi sau in alte zone, asa ca shhh. Am auzit 1000 de teorii, ba ca rosul unghiilor e semn de retardare [recent am facut un test profesional de IQ - nu teste de pe internet unde mi-a iesit intre 117-121; si am avut rezultat 118 (110 - 120 = Superior intelligence)], ba ca e semn de probleme mentale, gen automutilare (eu nu o fac pentru automutilare, urasc cum arata degetele mele asa), etc.

Am incercat "enspe mii" de tratamente, de la pelin pe degete pana la alifii care put si nu au mers. Dar ce s-a gasit un ziar interesant sa scrie... Articolul era pompos si promitea sa gaseasca metoda cea mai buna pentru a te lasa de "viciul" asta. Metoda era sa mergi saptamanal la manichiurist si sa-ti faci unghiile, eventual cu o oja mai inchisa la culoare sau cu o nuanta foarte vizibila - asa nu o sa mai vrei sa-ti rozi unghiile pentru ca-ti strici manichiura.

Asta era singura solutie prezentata. Pai, hai sa iti spun eu ceva: timp de 5 sau 6 ani, eu am avut zilnic unghiile NEGRE. M-am lasat recent de "pictatul" unghiilor de la maini, in Paris, cand dintr-o data n-am mai avut chef sa ma mai dau cu oja. Da, asa simplu. Unghiile negre sunt foarte greu de ingrijit si banuiesc ca stii si tu de ce, daca se ia si un milimetru de oja, se vede. Cand mi se lua oja, ma dadeam iar.

Asta nu m-a impiedicat cu nimic sa-mi distrug degetele. Eu sunt unul din cazurile in care metoda asta "ingenioasa" nu merge. Plus, de ce credeti ca numai femeile isi rod unghiile? Barbatii ce vor face, se vor da cu oja rosie ca sa se lase de rosul unghiilor sau cum?

Chiar suntem prosti, dom'le. Vreau prin postarea asta sa-i felicit si pe cei de la Gandul, pentru ca intotdeauna au articole pe bune. Nu, nu ii compar, doar ii felicit, atat.



Have you ever tried to write when your head's exploding? Right now, my headache is so big that I feel sand in my eyes and the periferic sight is a bit blurred.

I said I won't rant about the 1st of May's parade of gluttony and lust and you believed me? How can I not rant about something so "rantable"? Mostly, there were 4 kinds of people.

  • The first type of people were the sleazy ones. They chose locations like Vama Veche or Mamaia. Those who chose Vama Veche said "those from Mamaia are a bunch of yuppie sluts" and those from Mamaia said "those from Vama Veche are a bunch of unwashed drunk idiots". The opinion from the outside is that both parties were scum. There were also some who went to Vama Veche to be romantic. For God's sake, that's a hypocrisy that hurts. If you want to be romantic, there are 20 other places by the sea where you don't see hairy asses and puking "metalheads" at 10cm from you. Vama Veche is disgusting. Those from Mamaia went to spend more money on brands, because it's a "must do". [GOOD PART: the sea will always be fascinating. I am a sea person, but not a "let's use the sea as an excuse to get laid and drunk" person. So I'd have probably gone to a secluded place by the sea.]

  • The second type were the barbecue addicts who thought that the best thing to do is smell like smoke, eat like pigs and litter as much as they could. And they did! Because the most important in every party is to eat as much as possible. It's ALL about the food. All the news reports about Christmas, Easter, St. Whoever are about food and how people, instead of using food as an ADDITION to the methods of enjoyment, they used it AS THE METHOD OF ENJOYMENT. [GOOD PART: Barbecues can be amazing. But in evolved times, there are special places for these kinds of activities.]

  • The third type were those who spent time with their friends or/and families in a special place, enjoying the free days and doing what they like to do. They either went to a restaurant that they love and had a nice talk or went to a place where they felt relaxed. They did not go to a certain place because "oh come on, you don't go to Vama, you're a loser", they prefered to stay at home or get bored rather than going to a place that they knew they'd hate. Some of them also got some new ideas for their next tattoos. :) [GOOD PART: There is no bad part. Uh except for the ones who got bored, getting bored is stupid and I am angry on myself when I get bored.]

  • The fourth type had to do something even MORE special, so they took a bath in a forbidden lake and died or went to the ER. Some of them decided to climb mountains in, of course, forbidden areas and keep the lifeguards [or however you call them] on the act of duty. They really needed to be noticed, so they were...either lame and deceased or utterly lame and alive. [GOOD PART: There is no good part.]

No, I am not a know-it-all. I write about what I see. There are good parts and bad parts in [almost] everything that people decide to do. Hey, is it possible the head to hurt because of a zit? Don't answer. I don't want headaches anymore....

If this disgusted you, you're not one of the people to count on if somebody needs CPR.


Blog Boredom Part Who Knows What

Yeah, but if I tell you, I'd have to kill you.


I don't remember, but somewhere this weekend.


Only sometimes. I tend to change it due to mood, so it depends.


Lunch meat?


No, I have too much sloth incorporated to consider that right now.


I don't think so. I tend to lead and I'd never accept a leader, I am moody and I hate moody people, and very vain so I might want to kill "myself".


Like you used CAPS in this survey.




I would, but I'd like to also be immortal for that.


The Cereal killer type. :) Hah, pistacchio if that is cereals.


Most of the times, partly. That's why it's so annoying when I put them back on...


If by album you mean music, that'll be Metallica - Load.


A pink horse that I still have.


Yes, many types of pets..


Red all the way. I'm a red freak.


Physically - my scoliosis. Morally - my mood swings and a hell lot more.




I don't care.


Pants - navy blue, shoes - none, I am at home.


Yeah, my rings, piercings, tooth "heart", silver bracelet, necklace.






My perfume, the smell of wood, gasoline...


Uhm my mom.


Yes, why not? :)


I don't watch sports. I prefer the action rather than the watching.


Natural - a shitty brown color. Dyed - red and black.


Hazel. But of course.


No and I can't even put them on.


Salads, pizza, Burger King, CHINESE, KFC [new addition], Greek


Scary movies with open endings.


Equilibrium [maybe 10th time]




I am a summer person.


If the person is right, kisses.


My shirt. :))


Sex. At least it doesn't kill brain cells [to some at least...]


Don't make me choose.


I start a lot of books that I never finish.


I don't use a mouse pad.


Crime stories.


Guitar solos and Mark Harmon's voice.


Rolling Stones - I saw them live too.


US and Europe - Norway.


I don't consider it to be special.








My ass.

[I put this so I don't rant about all the 1st of May parade of gluttony and lust].