Facts Time

Boy, I feel like a celebrity whenever I do these things. A celebrity or a convicted killer, but the thrill is as awesome as it is. :) I will answer more questions.


Name: Diana

Gender: F

Age : 22

Screen Name: Lots: The Elder, Hilezkor, BleedingAncientSoul, Gibbs.

Birthday: 07.07.1987

Race: Caucasian

School/Grade: Graduated Philosophy University, 3 years.

Job: Currently unemployed and not searching for a job either.

Status: Haha swinger.

Hometown: Bucharest, yes, it's a town. :)

Current Town: Bucharest.

Parents Still Together: But of course, I'd kill 'em otherwise.

Siblings: No, but I'd have loved an older brother.

Pets: Dogs, turtle, fish, crickets [seriously], mom has a tarantula and a horse and now a parrot. Do I smell Ace Ventura?

Smoker: Yes.

Drinker: No, bleh.

Virgin: No.

Orientation: I'd say straight, but I have been with females as well. So I'd lean towards pansexuality.

Drugs: A few times and only light drugs. I don't intend in digging more of these.


Hair Color: Brunette.

Is it Dyed?: Right now, yes, red with black underneath and a natural colored undercut.

Eye color: Hazel.

Height: 1,73m or something.

Style: From metalhead to gothy and punkish and all sorts of derivations.

Glasses/Contacts/None?: None.

Freckles: Thank God no.

Body Type: They say slender. I don't consider myself to be too thin, so those who say this should judge themselves first.

Shoe Size: 41 EU.

Piercings: 8 earlobes, 1 industrial and an unfortunately retired helix.

Want More?: How not? First off I want my helix back.

Tatoos?: One: a personalized Ansuz rune on my left upper chest side.

Want More?: Yes, in fact I already have the idea for my second.

Braces?: Only when I was 10.

Overall Best Feature?: My eyes.

Overall Worst Feature?: My scoliosis.

Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad? Dad, so I'm told.


Favorite Color: Red, Army green, Purple, Grey.

Worst Color: On clothes: yellow and orange. In general, no color is bad.

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Animal: Horse.

Least Favorite Animal: Cat.

Favorite Flower: Red rose.

Favorite Food: Chinese food.

Worst Food: Chicken with sour cream and anything with spinach and lamb.

Favorite Junk Food: Burger King.

Worst Junk Food: PUFULETI.

Favorite Restaraunt: Chinese.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Pistacchio.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: I don't drink alcohol. But if I were to choose something, let it be whiskey.

Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink: Cola, Pepsi, Burn, coffee.

Worst Alcoholic Drink: All.

Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, Pepsi Max/Cola Light.

Favorite Genre of Music: Heavy Metal, Electro, Thrash Metal.

Worst Genre: Nowadays R&B, Manele.

Favorite Band/Artist: Band: Metallica/Artist: James Hetfield

Worst Band/Artist: No, that's too hard to pick.

Favorite Song: Too hard. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters.

Worst Song: ONE?? C'mon.

Favorite Radio Station: City FM.

Favorite Book: Friedrich Nietzsche - Also Sprach Zarathustra [just read it]

Worst Book: Twilight.

Favorite Type of Movie: Horror, thriller, comedy.

Worst Type of Movie: Typical action movie.

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings.

Worst Movie Ever: "Gangs of NY"

Favorite TV Show: NCIS.

Worst TV Show: Friends. I hate it.

Favorite Season of the Year: Summer, spring, autumn.

Worst Season: Winter.

Best Friend: Ni.

Worst Enemy: I don't have enemies. I just have subhumans.

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday.

Least Favorite Day of the Week: Monday.

Favorite Sport: Swimming, soccer [to play....], horseback riding [just recently done].

Sport You Hate: I used to hate volleyball. Now I love it. So I don't have any hated sport.

One thing you cant get enough of: watching Mark Harmon. :)

One thing you hate more than anything: falling for the wrong people.


Are You Single?: In a way, yes. In a way, no.

If not, who is your bf/gf?: I cannot disclose that.

How Long Have You Been Together?: Theoretically, years. Practically, complicated.

If You're Single, Do you Like It? The single part...well, I like that I am free, but I hate that I don't find a man at my standards.

Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now? Not anymore.

First Kiss : Around 13.

Ever Kiss in the Rain? Yes

In a Movie Theater? Yes

Underwater? Yes

First Love: Eduardo Palomo. :)) But actual life, a guy from general school.

Have you ever Cheated on Anyone? Yes..

Been Cheated on? Not that I know of.

Used Someone? A lot.

Been used? Yes.

Lied to your bf/gf? Ah hell, who didn't?

Ever Made out With Just a Friend? Yes.

Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend? Not really.

Are You a Tease? Oh yes.

Do you Flirt a Lot? When I like a person, I am all a flirt.

Longest Relationship: 2 years and a few months.

Shortest : I don't remember, a few days?

Have you Ever Gotten a Poem? Yes..and if you want to make me run, write me a poem. That unless you're a real writer.

Ever Get Flowers? Yes.

Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten: A man flying 3000km to meet me.

Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day? No, I'm not a fan of Valentine's Gay.

Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? Yes. But maybe attraction more.

Do you Fall in Love Fast? Not really, to me it's all gradually.

Are you a Player? Recently so I've discovered.

Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex? Of course.

Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day? Yes.

Kissed 2 People At One Time? Yes...long ago, in a bar.

Had Sex with 2 People in One day? No.

Had sex with 2+ People at One Time? No.

Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? I've cried over all sexes. :))

Ever Been Dumped? Yes.

Ever dumped someone? Yes.

Ever been rejected? Who hasn't?

Do you have a lot of ex's? Not a lot, but some.

Are you a slut? I am too hard to get lately.

Ever been called one? Yes, but by some people that didn't know me in person, which is the funniest shit.

Ever dated someone more than once? Yes.

Do you ever make the first move? Almost always.

Double dates or single? Double's fine, but not in such a typical lovey-dovey crap date.

Do you want to get married? Yes, I could do that, too.

OPPOSITE SEX (what you're attracted to)

Hair Color: Any color that is not dyed except for unnatural colors. I hate men who dye their hair blonde unless they ARE blonde.

Short or long? I love long, but lately I've been fancying short haired men, with undercuts. :)

Style: Distinguished.

Age: Over 30.

Height: Taller than 1,75.

Weight: Athletic.

Muscular Or Skinny: A little bit of both.

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers.

Do you care about looks? Yes.


Can you drive? Yes.

Do You Have a Car? Yes.

Do you have a cell phone? Yes.

Are you online a lot? Yes.

Do you like gay/bi people? Yes.

Can you speak another language? About 5.

Do you do well in school? Pretty good.

Do you collect anything? Ohoo :)) Different model/language coke cans, Me to You teddy bears, Burn bottles, miniature cars, action figures.

Have an obsession? Yes, a few.

Do you hate yourself? No, why would I hate myself?

Ever smile for no reason? Yes.

Talk to yourself? You don't wanna know that.

Do you have any regrets? Why waste time regretting?

Believe in magick? On a certain level, yes.

Do you support gay marriage? Yes.

Sex before marriage? I say that if you don't know a person sexually before marriage is wrong. I mean you have to know a person in all matters, why deny this one?

Do you trust people easily? Yes and no, depends on the vibe.

Forgive easily? I always forgive, but I never forget.

Do you have a secret no one knows? Don't we all..

Do you get along with your parents? Yes.

What about other people? Usually yes.

How do you vent your anger? Ranting, music, computer games and multiplayer. :)

Do you like George Bush? Do you like coffee?

Goal Before you die? To live.

Biggest Fear: Death.

Biggest Weakness: My obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Do you play an instrument? I played guitar for a while. I also like to play around the piano. But I sing.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Hah, I am still a child... :) Well, a special agent/criminal detective.


A bitch? Last time I checked, I was human. : Meh, I am sometimes.

A daydreamer? Yes.

Shy? Sometimes, but I hide it.

Talkative? Very.

Energic? 100%.

Happy? Yes.

Depressed? Sometimes.

Funny? Often.

Slutty? Sometimes, but when I already am with a person. It's the sort of "be x in society and a slut in bed" sort of thing. :))))

Boring? Sometimes.

Mean? Yes.

Nice? Yes.

Caring? Very.

Trustworthy? Yes.

Confident? Yes.

Friendly? If I like a person, sure.

Smart? Yes.

Sarcastic? Very.

Dependable? Sometimes.

Quiet? Sometimes.

Weird? At times.

Adaptable? Yes.

Strong (emotionally)? Very.

Strong (physically)? It depends. But I'm not muscled or anything.

Mature? Most of the times.

Logical? Logic was my weak spot.

Religious? No, spiritual.

Modest? No.

Indesicive? Yes.

Sympathetic? In a scary way..

Polite? When I feel like it.

Creative? Yes.

Fun to be around? Yes.

Loveable? Yes.

Easily Amused? Hmmm that depends.

Outgoing? Yes.

Daring? Yes.

Clumsy? Yes.

Nosy? 50%.

Lazy? Very.

Scary? When I want to.

Optimistic? Yes.

Persuasive? Very.

A good listener? If I am in the mood.

Curious? Somewhat.

Determined? Yes.

Artistic? Yes.

Honest? Most of the times.

Respectful? Yes.

Conceited? Very.

Cocky? Very.

Controlling? VERY.

Playful? Yes.

Easygoing? Now, see, that's a double faced coin..

Carefree? Until the deadline strikes, yes.

Hot Headed? Oh yes.

Serious? Yes.

Thoughtful? Yes.

Considerate? Sometimes.

Stubborn? Very.

Romantic? Yes.

Ambitious? If I really want it bad.

Jealous? Very.

Insecure? Rarely.

Obsessive? Yes.

Attentive? It depends.

Helpful? Very. Too helpful.

Punctual? Hmm 65,5%.

Rational? So and so.

Sincere? That I am.

Tolerant? 80%.


I am an Internet Explorer kind of gal. I have heard millions of theories about Firefox's awesomeness, but I stick to the old school. Old school to ME. I like to apply new technology but with a certain limit. I installed Firefox on my PC and tried to use it, but I didn't have the patience to switch. So don't tell me that I am narrow minded.

I wrote this to express my thumbs up for the newest version of IE. Today I was working in HTML without previously saving my progress, with about 3 tabs open. I opened another tab to submit a photo and the tab crashed because the folder that I opened has too many photos. That led to the crash of the entire IE.

I was expecting to find my whole HTML page destroyed, but the explorer re-opened immediately and NO DATA was lost. If I closed my eyes for 2 seconds and opened them, I wouldn't have figured out that my explorer crashed. I know this is old news for geeks but it made me smile. So I continued my job as if nothing ever crashed.

  • Automatic Tab crash recovery - awesome feature about which I just talked.

  • InPrivate browsing - "InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer 8 helps prevent your browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, and usernames and passwords from being retained by the browser, leaving no evidence of your browsing or search history. InPrivate Filtering provides users an added level of control and choice about the information that third party websites can potentially use to track browsing activity. InPrivate Subscriptions allow you to augment the capability of InPrivate Blocking by subscribing to lists of websites to block or allow." [wikipedia] That is another very useful feature. I should actually use it more often. :D

  • Suggested Sites - so much easier to access the latest sites.

Deleting URLs from the address bar. I always wondered when they were going to add this.

Also the whole coloring of tabs based on category is both useful and fun.

IE8 made a happy geek out of me.


Concrete Jungle Camo :))

Termenul de "concrete jungle" sau jungla de ciment mi-a fost introdus acum vreo 3 ani de jocul PS2 "Predator: Concrete Jungle", dar mi-e mi-a placut asa de mult ideea incat o folosesc tot timpul. Pe principiul "I'll blog this!" am promis de multe ori ca am sa scriu despre tot felul de specimene de babuini cu 4 clase, dar de cele mai multe ori uit. Si asa trec experientele inaltatoare pe langa mine si eu uit sa scriu despre ele.

Ma, mie imi plac hainele de tip camuflaj. Multi zic ca e penibil sa mergi prin ORAS camuflat in model de US Woodland. Eu insa sunt printre acei oameni mai obsedati de ideea de armata [spun ideea pentru ca desi sunt la faza la care ma tenteaza sa ma inrolez in USMC] si imi place modelul de camuflaj. Imi plac ACUPAT si MARPAT [oare de ce? :)], tocmai mi-am luat o sapca ACUPAT insa prefer sa o consider mai inspre USMC.

Ce m-a amuzat, ca de fapt asta e scopul postarii, e ca mi-am amintit ca anul trecut de 1 Decembrie am vazut la parada o pustoaica imbracata intr-o pereche de pantaloni ce imitau US Woodland, insa roz. Am zis bine, are 10 ani, parintii sunt de vina.

Ieri insa, s-a repetat istoria si am vazut acelasi model de camuflaj roz. Asa am ajuns la concluzia tragicomica prin care intr-un oras populat de atatea pitipoance imbracate in roz, omul trebuie sa adopte o metoda ingenioasa de camuflaj, iar cea mai buna optiune e asta.

Asa ca, pe viitor, am sa sper totusi ca acele specii vor sa se camufleze de pitipoance, nu sa foloseasca pana si modelul uniformelor militare in moda de 2 lei, neavand nici un respect macar pentru soldati.

Eu totusi n-am sa cumpar asa ceva, ma gandeam sa optez pentru un tricou pe care sa fie imprimat un sutien din care imi ies 3 sferturi din san si o pereche de pantaloni...hmm cu penis, da, e o idee buna de camuflare. Asa am sa trec absolut neobservata pe strada plina de sani la vedere etc.



Solitary Man

There is nothing that will stop the hatred. Did it ever happen to you to really wish killing were legal? But really really wish. How can you stop your dreams which tell you to kill?

Therapy? No. I don't need somebody to tell me what I already know.

Yeah, I admit. Right now I feel extremely antisocial and lonely. I wipe everyone away and become really solitary. There's a strange sadness that doesn't let me go. A lot of things bring me down now, I am more sensitive than usually and even the smallest stress brings me down.

And I feel alone in all this shit. I feel betrayed. I postpone everything and don't feel like doing anything but thinking that I will enjoy myself.

Just because I graduated "Spiru Haret" [daily courses though] doesn't make me a fucking LEPER. Maybe all of you who can't see the ground because your noses are too high should look at yourselves before you give me the "ahh so you studied there...".

ASE isn't better. In fact, ASE is a craphole filled with idiots who want to do nothing and earn money, sitting at a filthy desk and writing papers. There is ONE exception whom I know to confirm this rule. If you don't follow the herd and go to ASE, you are a fucking leper.

Now how does that sound coming from a person who never stepped in ASE? Bad, eh? Prejudgemental. Well, enjoy your shit and think about how we feel when you call us all the names because you HEARD from someone about this.

I feel disappointed and left over. And I do feel sorry for myself. And I do feel like ranting about it.

I just need to feel reasurred. Sometimes, no matter how strong you say that I am, I just feel weak.

It's a sign of weakness..


Do this for me

Be nice and click that link, make an account and love me. :)

I met a lot of awesome people on that site, and when I say met, I also mean in real life.


Love is like a bullet in the heart ~ Aaaaha...

How's your most recent ex doing?
~I hope he is alright, he's the only one I care about.

What are you listening to?
~A Perfect Circle - The Nurse Who Loved Me

Who was the last person in your bed?
~My best friend :">

How many people of the same gender live in your house?

How do you feel right now?
~Confused, profesionally speaking. :P

Do you miss the way things used to be?
~I miss being in college LOL, now that it's over..

Have you ever liked someone you didn't expect to?
~Yeah, a horsekeeper. :

How old were you when you had your first relationship?
~12 but does that count?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?
~Tragedy is a big word, but a big drama, yes.

Are there some songs you cant listen to because they remind you of someone?
~Not anymore.

Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?

Do you believe that love can be found in bars or is that too much of a risk?
~Love? In bars? Come on...in bars you only find people to screw [over]. Whoever thinks that you need to go in bars to find true love is a hypocrite.

Should people go to bars to find love?
~No, they should go to bars to have a drink. They don't serve "love" in bars. :

Horror Home Alone :)

Today I woke up home alone so I decided to stay indoors and watch horror movies. But that's not exactly why I decided to share my experience, but because sometimes, funny "coincidences" [and neither I nor Gibbs believe in coincidences and those who do should fry in the depths of hell] make the day a day to remember. At least for a while, if so..

First I watched a comedy, nothing peculiar going on except for my memory of the dream I had, where Eminescu was my college teacher [he studied Philosophy and Journalism after all..] and I was so proud that we became friends...while he kept searching through his papers on his desk and demanded that all of us should pick one of his work categories for the exam. He picked me to talk about his poetry which made me feel special, in the most symbolic way possible. But he hated that he had to force this egocentrism that wasn't even his, just because the boss said so.

Anyway, after this, I decided to watch The Ring, once again, because I always had a "thing" for distorted faces.. I can see distorted feet, hands, bodies for all I care, but the faces really stick with me. So, right now, remember the girl's face who was found in the closet...imagine her standing right behind your chair. [DAMN I'M FREAKED : and I mean that, you can laugh at me if you want, but I paused the video and took a damn close look at her, because if you analyze something that scares you, it wears off, but I still remained freaked out..]

Take a look at the photo of her face if you want.. It's small quality but whatever.

So as I was watching that part where they see the tape and all, the phone rings. I didn't answer. I had chicken skin and mostly because I was home alone on a 2 story building + ground level AND basement.

Then, I paused and went downstairs to get myself a drink and the room was damn dark. Note that I am a bit afraid of the ground level.. Suddenly from a corner I saw something black moving and I got so scared that I think my face was as distorted as Katie's. But it was my dog. It was one of the few times when I hugged her.

So, there I went, I had a chilly home alone day, on 36 degrees Celsius outside. But you know, their faces get so distorted because of so much fear.. I will ask you a 4 yr old kid question: could that be possible in real life, too? : If something so terrible would scare you to DEATH, literally..

I am running from here, it seems that I am alone again and the image with her behind me is haunting. I'll get back to add colors to certain words tomorrow.


Ne-am Saturat, Bah!

Am ajuns sa plang de mila tuturor cei ce mai au o speranta de a vedea ceva frumos in tara asta corupta. Da, subiectul e legat de demolarea terasei/teraselor din Cismigiu. Poate ca unii vor spune ca terasele n-au ce cauta in parcuri, iar eu va spun: total gresit. Ce-i mai frumos decat sa te plimbi si apoi sa te relaxezi la un suc pe o terasa in parc? [nu sunt ironica] Ce-i mai frumos pentru coruptii astia e a se plimba cu Touareg-ul prin gropile din Rahova [am dat un exemplu de cartier], iar apoi sa-si bea cafeaua de 10 lei in Dorobanti.

Nu ma intereseaza ca terasele nu aveau autorizatie, pentru ca in tara asta iti poti cumpara si oameni daca vrei, ci ma intereseaza ca era un loc frumos, care facea macar parcul Cismigiu mai "turistic". Aici observ ca pe zi ce trece se demoleaza/desfiinteaza numai locurile dragute si se pastreaza cacaturile astea pentru tencuitele cu vuitoane.

Nu ma intereseaza ca o sa spuneti ca parcurile n-ar trebui sa aiba terase, pentru ca pana si-n Paris, capitala turismului, gasesti terase in parc. M-am saturat de hotia asta pe fata, fiti si voi mai "educati" si furati pe sub mana, nu mai furati sub nasul nostru.

Ma intrebau niste oameni de ce nu-mi beau cola in Dorobanti, la 5 min de casa. Raspunsul e: educatia mea nu a inclus risipa de bani. Poate intr-o alta viata am sa ma nasc dintr-o mama tencuita pe fata si un tata cu 3 cefe si atunci am sa mananc si eu salata pe Dorobanti.

Tot ce NU conteaza in tara asta e frumosul, placutul. Tot ce conteaza e sa se faca totul cat mai prost, sa se pastreze 90% din banii primiti si sa nu se investeasca nici macar pentru strictul necesar, sa fie blocurile cat mai urate si lipsite de personalitate, la fel ca si oamenii care sunt atat de slaviti prin ziarele care devin fata de masa a doua zi.

Ne-am saturat, bah!


Terminal Leave

Am sa incep postarea asta cu un smiley: :) . Motivul de baza pentru care voi scrie despre asta nu e ca sa ma dau mare ca am terminat facultatea si nici pentru a bolborosi de pomana, ci pentru a-i felicita pe cei doi organizatori ai ceremoniei de sfarsitul facultatii, Felicia si Paul, pentru efortul depus si pentru ca au reusit sa treaca peste tot stressul care a implicat tot acest eveniment. Insa, daca nu aveau ei vointa de a-si lua acest angajament, noi ceilalti n-am fi ramas cu o amintire placuta de sfarsit de an.

Oricum n-am sa uit niciodata cum, in weekend cand aveam examene si picau serverele, eu jucam Pinball pe calculator si bateam scoruri, sau cand ne aruncam in terase unde n-aveau cola, sa ne amuzam de "oamenii nasoi" sau de examenele "nasoale". :)) Nu mai am chef sa scriu mai mult, doar asta am vrut sa spun deocamdata.



Azi am sa scriu [din nou] despre pufuleti. Eu sunt unul din acei oameni care din cand in cand se cearta cu obiectele din jur, in modul cel mai amuzant posibil. Exista o reclama acum, la pufuleti, in care e un tip cu capul despartit de trup [daca imi amintesc bine] si tot ce conteaza pentru el e sa manance porcariile astea.

Eh, multi spun ca reclama e stupida. Eu zic la fel, e incredibil de stupida si se incadreaza in tiparele la moda azi: reclame total cretine care vor sa para minimaliste si pur filosofice, in genul "Te-ai cacat azi?" "Da, 2 ore." "Ohhh...."

DAR, mai exista un alt tip de oameni care spun "cum se poate o reclama atat de destructiva la un produs atat de inocent?". NU, produsul nu e INOCENT. Lucrurile care put nu sunt inocente.

Pufuletii sunt imputiti, ar trebui interzisi in locurile publice. Mi se intoarce stomacul pe dos in metrou cand unul la 100m de mine infuleca din rahaturile astea si pute in tot metroul. Daca vreti sa imputiti tot orasul, macar aduceti slana si ceapa, alea macar sunt naturale. Pentru ca diferenta dintre un taran care mananca slanina cu ceapa in tren si un emancipat care mananca pufuleti in metrou e nula.

Oricat de stupida ar fi reclama, mie imi place impactul vizual doar pentru ca ii oftica pe mancatorii de pufuleti si pentru ca-i ofuscheaza. Mancati-va pufuletii acasa.



Today's my birthday, which makes me 22 now and also "a god among men". :) [NCIS reference]



Would you rather have your parents catch you having sex or smoking weed?
~Smoking weed. Sex would be too embarassing. :))

How are things between you and the person you like/love/are with?
~The person I like: interesting. The person I love....eh, impossible.

Have you ever intentionally made someone jealous?

What never fails to make you cry?

Are you talkative?
~Way too talkative.

Do you know anyone with such an annoying voice that you can't even stand it?
~Oh yes.

Does anything on your body hurt right now?
~No and I hope I won't have one of those "I can't see" thingies again...

Do you listen to love songs when you're down?
~Depends on why I'm down.

Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
~My best friend.

If you could have one thing right now, what would it be?
~Mark Harmon's love.

Who in your phone has a heart next to their name?

Does it bother you when someone lies to you?
~Of course.

What shirt are you wearing?
~A red shirt with no sleeves and with a casino roulette on it.

How many pillows on your bed?

Are you keeping a big secret right now?

Where was the last place you went besides your house?
~To the horse ranch.

Has someone ever told you they love you and you didn’t say it back?

Have you been kissed in the past week?

Is anything bothering you?
~Oh yes. A hell lot.

Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?

Is anyone else in the room with you?

Can you recall the last time you secretly liked someone a lot?

What's your favorite drink?

What was the first thing you thought of this morning?
~Ah God, to wake up Sunday at 9.....

Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life?
~Yes but one will always want more..

What were you doing at 7 am?

When was the last time you were honestly happy?
~I don't know. When I bought that huge dog from IKEA.

Do you take pills daily?

Wearing any bracelets?

Do you say sexy a lot?

Do you want to fix anything with anyone?

Do you get annoyed when you see someone you don't like?
~Oh yes. Not only when I see.

What's some lyrics to the song you're listening to?
~"My mind is caught, please trespass if you dare."

Do you have feelings?

What's one thing you're tired of?
~Being hateful.

When you go tanning, do you usually lie on your stomach or on your back?
~The rare times I do that, on the beach that is, I lay on the back.

Did you set up a real or fake tree for Christmas? Did you even have a tree up at all?

How are you feeling at this exact moment?
~Pissed off.

When's the last time you played a board game?
~Last summer.

What did you do last night?
~I got bored.

Name some good memories you had throughout the year 2008.

Have you ever tried to find your own number in the telephone directory?
~Yes :))

What was the best year of your life?

Would you rather bungee-jump or dive with sharks?

Your last text was from ..
~I don't care. I deleted it.

Do you know anybody who is colour blind?
~Do gothy black obsessed ones count?

Or even completely blind?

Have you ever had an encounter with a bitchy waitress?
~Who hasn't?

Is the last teacher you talked to your favourite teacher?
~One of my favorites.

What do you think of people who laugh REALLY loud?

What colour is the last remote control you held?

Have you ever been to a country where you didn't speak their language at all?
~Oh yeah.

In your opinion, what language sounds the most beautiful?
~English, it's very melodic. And then latin.

And what language sounds just awful?
~I can't tell yet.

Do family reunions excite you or just simply freak you out?

What's the worst-tasting thing you've eaten in the past week?
~I don't remember.

What reality show should never have been made?

What would you rather be doing right now?
~Have fun, it'll be my fucking birthday and I'm stuck in this shithole.

What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?

What are you worried about?
~My mental stability right now.

What are you looking forward to most in this week?
~My birthday and get this fucking exam over with.

Have you ever liked someone else while you had a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?

Have you ever had the cops called on you?

Have you ever dated someone younger than you?
~No. I only date older people.

Who was your first crush?
~Eduardo Palomo.

Where does your best friend(s) live?

Do you like someone right now?

Do they like you too?

Do you ever wish you were someone else?

Why are you doing this survey?
~So I don't think about what bothers me.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
~Kill people without being caught.

Would you ever get a tattoo?
~I have one.

Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love?
~I did. ;) Not to save, but I did.

Are you happy with your life right now?
~Right now? No.

Recent Struggle

Recent photography. MINE. Check my deviantART for further notice..

All the colors are mine right now. I own 'em. That's how I felt today.

Who will be there to swing the rain?...

There was a time when, as I were walking, in front of me the grass turned red. I wasn't sure if it was a disease of mine or of the nature that got corrupted by mankind..

I looked ahead, in the distance, seeing that there was still green grass and I still had hope..as long as the sky is still blue..

Cage us in the landscape.

Wondrous yellow..

And three of Brancusi's major works, re-seen after tons of years:

The Gate of Kiss

The Table of Silence:

The Endless Column:


Guns 'N' Retards

In ultima vreme am auzit din ce in ce mai multe stiri care sunau "Si-a impuscat iubita/prietena/tatal in cap", ca mai apoi multi din ei sa adauge "...din joaca".

Stiu ca in alte tari exista alte legi legate de portul armelor, dar romanii, mereu sau aproape mereu cand incearca sa copieze ceva, dau cu mucii-n fasole. Intrebarea mea e: a devenit Romania Estul Salbatic si nu stiu eu? Retardatii astia au licenta de port-arma, iar daca da, cine le-o da? Sunt cumva evaluati de psihopati si nu de psihiatri? Daca n-au licenta, ceea ce as spera mai degraba, ce va ganditi voi sa le faceti? Daca au licenta, totusi, nu va vine sa "va dati cu tunul"?

Ba sunt aia care se lupta cu sabii, ba sunt astia care se joaca de-a Die Hard.