Cellular Grin

My cell phone's battery is dying before my eyes. To be honest, this was to be expected, my phone [Nokia 6230i ] is pretty old. But today, I let it go off and my phone went off way before I estimated, so I had about 3 hours of being outside home, unable to use my cell phone.

I believe that I have mentioned multiple times that I hate talking on the phone. I am the SMS kind of person. I don't like that fake politeness that I must pull whenever I answer the phone so I don't answer. Some time ago I read a study about the feeling of security that people have if they keep a cell phone with them. Scientists have discovered that having a cell phone, in range and open makes a person feel safe. They have also added that some test subjects, having their cell removed for a while, sufferred (mild) anxiety attacks.

I must say that I didn't quite believe that until I experienced it. I didn't have an anxiety attack, but I felt rather uneasy and I kept on thinking that someone might need me ASAP and I won't be able to answer...or that I might need assistance. And note, I am a person who avoids talking on the phone.

So let's give a cellular grin on all these scared faces and plug our cell phones back in action.


...you are what you eat...

Stii deja ca detest bogatasii. Nu vreau sa generalizez, asa ca am sa spun mai bine: detest o mare parte din bogatasi. Na.. Au obiceiuri cretine, au prejudecati tampite si cei mai multi dintre ei au dorinte stupide. Obiceiuri cretine - in mare parte, tot arsenalul asta prin care incearca sa-i umileasca pe cei "saraci", pentru ca orice om care nu da banii pe fereastra nu se ridica la rangul elitelor. Elitelor tanpeniei. Nu vorbesc de oamenii bogati care-si traiesc viata in legea lor, de fapt, pe aia nici nu i-as numi "bogatasi", ci doar oameni bogati si atat [si nu vreau sa intru in detalii aici..].

Prejudecati tampite - nici nu mai are rost sa mentionez... Vrei un argument mai "bun"? Mergi printre ei sau asculta-i si ai sa vezi. (Sau am sa ma apuc eu sa scriu cand nu ma doare capul.)

Dorinte stupide - totul se limiteaza la obiecte. Poate pentru ca si ei sunt obiecte, vorba spaniolului, "tools". Mai rau, incearca sa compenseze toate astea prin declaratii gen "iubire adevarata si sincera". Insa o tinichea de 10 milioane de euro e, intr-adevar, o dovada de iubire sincera.

Ce m-a inspirat sa scriu asta?... Pai, ziarul Libertatea are si partile lui bune. Am aflat ca, pe langa creierul de maimuta vie (imi doresc ca intr-o zi sa va manance maimutele creierul vostru pe viu), lor le mai place sa manance si supa de fetusi si platesc si destul de mult pentru o portie (vorbesc serios).

...Si zic de "noi" ca suntem ciudati. Si zic de "noi" ca disecam pisici. Beeeene. Pai, ba, ipocrizia e frumoasa. E usor sa dai in altii pentru ca nu-ti "plac". Macar daca dati in altii, nu va apucati sa faceti alte cacaturi. Inteleg sa mancati fel de fel de fructe de mare [etc.], dar daca voua va place borsul de fetusi cu Dom Perignon, atunci asteptati-va sa fac si eu un misto copios pe tema asta. E ca si cum tu condamni un pedofil in timp ce tu esti necrofil. Ma rog, e un exemplu.

Asa ca, mancati-va fetusii in liniste, tineti-va tinichelele pe voi, lingeti-va bancnotele si pas alergator (pentru mine, sa vomit, mai degraba). Auzi, ba...fetusi. FETUSI!!!!11unu Na o poza cu un copil mort si sa nu ma faceti pe mine ciudata, ca eu nu mananc copii.


Omegle II

Am I the only one who at least tries to have an intelligent conversation on Omegle? I mean, I read its description and the founder is against sex chats. Apparently, people only want to talk about sex [I love sex talks but hell...]. Remember my post called Glass, where I was writing about strangers just talking to each other? It's scary that I stumbled upon Omegle AFTER I wrote that. Anyway, some memorable chats:

Stranger: i'm male and i'm horny, if you're a female you want to have an online sex?if ya don't just leave
You: you're sad.
You have disconnected.

And a normal conversation:

Stranger: and justice for all
You: man, I love Metallica!
You: :O
Stranger: best album
You: YES!!!
You: that's my all time favorite band.
Stranger: Me too with Iron Maiden

Anyway, he disconnected. This site is fun to just chill and get amused. I guess I'll post some crap here from time to time. What does this make you think? Would people ever have a really philosophical discussion with a stranger, online?


My True Nature

Te las pe tine sa-ti dai seama daca e la misto sau nu, desi e evident. :) Eu sunt .Gibbs.

.Tony: de parca ii pasa cuiva ce muzica asculti tu
.Tony: ca oricum iti pui aia numai asa
.Tony: ca tu de fapt asculti manele
.Tony: dar
.Gibbs: mai, o sa te miri
.Gibbs: dar sunt unii care se trezesc
.Tony: vrei sa te dai mare ca asculti roc
.Gibbs: sa-mi comenteze melodiile
.Gibbs: ah da.
.Gibbs: de fdapt
.Gibbs: ce ascult eu e guta
Gibbs: dar am scris
.Gibbs: in winamp
.Gibbs: radiohead
.Tony: da
.Gibbs: e nume de cod
.Tony: si tu stai cu ochii pe ceas
.Gibbs: cand am radiohead e guta
.Tony: si la fiecare 3-4 minute
.Tony: schimbi statustul
.Gibbs: DE MANA
.Tony: il scrii tu cu mama
.Tony: scrii melodiiile
.Gibbs: ohh i would blog this....
.Tony: blog it
.Gibbs: sau cand am
.Gibbs: [thanks]
.Gibbs: scris metallica e de fapt minune
.Gibbs: ca e tot cu m.
.Gibbs: sa-mi fie mai simplu
.Tony: blog, alt cacat! parca exista cineva care chiar e interesat de ce cacaturi scriu toti gogii caizer si mai stiu eu cine
.Tony: manellica
.Tony: bine
.Tony: eu chiar citesc cu interes ce scrii tu
.Tony: dar in general
.Gibbs: asta pt ca sunt un artist desavarsit.


Well, a friend introduced me to a site [Omegle] where you can talk to random strangers. Here's my favorite conversation. :)) I disconnected by accident, I wished to see his reply. :)))

Stranger: i'm jerking off
You: lovely :D
You: tell me
Stranger: we doin a cirkle jerk here
You: want some help? :D
Stranger: haha yes
You: i'm wet.
You: now, reading what ya wrote.
Stranger: were 7 guys here
Stranger: all jerking off
You: and now you have 8 guys here jerking off ;)

Guys, you are aware that men get wet, too, eh? HAHAHHA. Ok, sorry but I HAD to post this.

Oh, and another:

You: Age?
Stranger: 28 m usa
You: Too young.



Just imagine this world, but made of glass or try to see everyone from above, in their daily routine. If you were to be an extraterrestrial being and you would be taught about socialization, you'd realize that people look rather funny from the outside. Don't take this the wrong way, I am slightly towards medium misanthropic and rather antisocial at times, so it'd be hypocritical of me to say otherwise.

Take a restaurant and look from above or even from beyond, if you can. You see tables at about 30cm distance and at each table, there's another world being built. It doesn't matter that it's a world of cabbage and mediocrity or a world of meditation, it is the same. If someone from the outside tries to enter that world, he is being excluded or treated reluctantly. People agree to spend time in the same room/building, but that's about it. Their universe does not expand beyond its current borders.

Take the common transport. People are forced to stay very close to each other and they go insane. You sit NEXT to a person, but you don't talk. You can even get pressed to a person and you don't talk. If nobody in a certain wagon knows each other, they all stay in silence.

And that makes you wonder of something that my partner and I have been endlessly discussing: if I am not there, will everything be the same? A woman wearing blue has just entered the subway and she's going towards a place to sit. I see her. She takes out a book, looks to the right and then starts reading. But if I weren't there, would she do exactly the same thing?... I went further away and thought that whenever I intervene in someone's life, in the most insignificant way, I change that person's life forever and same happens the other way around.

I used to be given one example to how I will meet my soulmate: I'll be in the market and he would "happen to" come there, too and we'd start talking. I was a kid back then, so even now when I go in the market, I am wondering where he is. I am aware that it was JUST an example and if the market would have been the Police, I'd have had shivers every time I'd pass by the Police station. But I believe that I have met one of my soulmates. He just happens not to be available.

I sometimes get "out of myself" and just watch people live. Sometimes, the most normal human existence seems so ridiculous. Animals don't do this. They didn't estrange; when a dog sees another dog, that dog is his full centre of interest. I could say that this alienation has its good parts. How would it be to walk through the city and sit on any bench, next to anyone and start talking to that person as if you knew them and this same thing to happen to you?

I say: it would be overwhelming.



Deja m-am saturat de boala asta a romanului [in principal] de a da aceleasi stiri tampite la TV, de a se plange in ele si de a nu face nimic sau cand face, sa faca EXACT ce e mai cretin. E deja a 15a oara cand aud ACEEASI stire tampita despre romanii care fumeaza si ascund imaginile de pe pachetele de tigari, care tot nu se lasa si nu le pasa ca se pot imbolnavi si ei. Apoi urmeaza stirea cu cresterea accizelor la tigari si scaderea celor pentru BLANURI.

Pai, ma cac pe ele de blanuri si de produse "de lux". Asa va place imaginea de sarantoc infect cu X5 la poarta gospodariei si care abia are ce manca, dar isi bea cafeaua de 2 salarii prin maghernitele de lux. Omul de succes de aici trebuie sa fie snob, incult, analfabet si daca se poate, imbogatit peste noapte, daca nu, "dezbogatit" peste zi. Dar ce e mai frumos decat sa ai o decapotabila in fata grajdului unde-ti mananci slana cu ceapa si-ti intinzi gelul din cap pana ti se incretesc degetele...? Tot ce conteaza e sa acoperiti voi cacatul cu marmura si sa-l vindeti analfabetilor de "lux". In loc sa observati voi cat de fumatori suntem, faceti programe gratuite si usurati-ne "lasatul de fumat". Nu mai vindeti tigari, nu le scumpiti cu 1 leu pe an ca n-o sa ne lasam. Sunteti toti niste retardati. Si ma rog sa nu incep sa vorbesc si despre stirile din sport, ca....

Iar despre blanuri, mi-as dori sincer sa le vad pe toate bibelourile care le adora, bagate intr-o cusca si "decojite" de piele si de fite pe viu, asa cum mor animalele alea nevinovate. Atata ipocrizie - adica daca stai in legea ta, dar nu esti "acceptat" de societate pentru ca nu esti un analfabet snob, inseamna ca esti imoral, insa daca porti blanuri si iti iei yacht pe care nici nu stii sa-l navighezi - esti om de succes.

Urmeaza jocul "Gaseste diferentele": DeLuxe - DeCacat; aveti 1 secunda.



This is where you'll find me.


...."Remember that stakeout in Marseilles?"...

The voice of my redeemer comes in my mind, playing over and over again, like the memory of a passionate event beyond death and life.

Of course I remember that stakeout in Marseilles, I was there, in THAT year exactly, I was there with my body and mind. How come I was there right then, right then?... I remember everything through her body, through those pages of scripts, through the clouds and all the empty rooms of Marseilles, through the port and the ships and all the things that your eyes have roamed upon.

I gave you my love
Though crystalized
I sent you a rose with nevermore
So many years
So many hours
And only thistles on my shore
For all that it's worth
The blood on my hands
Is the blood of divinities
And all that is lost
Sound or unsound
Only bonds between you and me.

If I go will you follow
Me trough the cracks and hollows
And I would be your Cain
If you would be here now...

The Mother-of-Pearl
Handcrafted by God
You're the tower they built to reach the sky
A White Falcon beauty
My mark on your skin
Follow me down the stairs when we die
Your soul is in heaven
Your body in hell
It doesn't matter much to me
In the night of the unborn
Sound or obscene
Only bonds between you and me.

Tiamat - Cain]


My Four Elements Eye project is finally done. The fifth element is still pending...and I might or might not share it with you. Brushes are borrowed from Axeraider70, the photos used for effects are mine, the eye is mine and the only thing that I am not proud of is that I had to use someone else's fire photo, because all the photos of fire that I have weren't detailed enough to get a good texture.








Happy Birthday, Viggo! You've been a great inspiration for (sooo many) years and every year I've this tradition to send you my e-hugs. I hope one day to visit again your art gallery and this time, to not lose the photos anymore.. Hell, you've been doing such a good job with your photography, then acting, singing and inspiring people. So, have a great birthday because you deserve it.

I remember one of my greatest times and that is when I stepped in Odense [DK] and found the museum. There I saw your name on the opened art gallery and I froze. Go figure, not in a million years I'd have hoped for that, although I went to that city especially for you. And I later found out that you left just 2 days before...

You'll continue to inspire your fans with your complexity. I love your complexity! And I am looking forward to watching The Road.

[*] I made this stamp as an e-present for Vig, using Axeraider70's brushes. I'd appreciate if you didn't claim it as your own, even if it's sucky. :)



...I stand before the silent group of reddish trees while I feel black and white. I can't feel the autumn rain or the winter tinted wind and my eyes stare at my thoughts. I have inhaled him once, long ago and those eyes simply swept my sight of this world away. Now I bow to my drug of choice. I inhale his essence and release it through all my pores back to my thoughts. Nothing of this greatness can be shared. I exhale a hologram that will veil the existence of my reality, breeding a spirit that burns.

It was without warning and now I do not want to be saved. I escaped and convicted you all.

Rather nihilistic, you might say and that reminds me of the essay about Nihilism that I said I will post. But this is far from the raw concept of annihilation. See, I don't abolish this world, I just recreate it. I don't forsake the concept of the highest earthling love, I just color it so it can be rightfully called the highest. I am a sign that gets burnt on your foreheads, ahhh how I love that image.

My steps run cold on the pavement and steam rises into the leaves. The leaves become my trench.

[*The place where I stand is a secret one.]


Moment of Clarity

Sometimes, we got lost in details together...and just erased the limits and created ours, which seemed so blurred to the rest. What seemed to be a detail was a chimera: breathing fire over anything that could be decyphered. But then it was you and I, above all, beyond all, burning our paths as we walked away from inhumanity and greed, erasing our traces from ever living in this same world.

I was afraid that what I blurred will never be discovered by anybody and I'll become an antibody of a disease that everybody died from, but nobody realized it. And what was I, an antibody of the world's cancer?

They tried to walk on my burnt path, but their feet were ashes already and their bones started to break their skin. Their life was fractured and so were their thoughts, a poisonous blur. And I laid this veil behind my steps, so that nobody will find me.

Yet, you did. And now we walk together through clarity.

[To my best friend, my family and Mark.]


My Eyes Have Seen You

Hello. Todaaaaaay...I painted the fire blue with my eyes. My eyes are a powerful tool, you see... Sometimes this could be classified as schizophrenia, but if it is, it's deliberate. You can pretty much see the world through my eyes now. I like this. But that's as far as you'll get.

One thing I'm completely amused by is what people discuss on the street. If you pass from a place to one that is 100km away, you'll hear the same shit. How could your universe be limited only to a few topics and words? Maybe this has a lot to do with the low standards of living. But tell me: how can this country go further when students and people with higher education are the ones who get a job the HARDEST while illiterates and living abortions get the easiest life?

I get it...you'll never want to defeat the peasant position that you've earned with so much glory.

But my fire's still blue. :)

Refuse (Resist)

I don't get attached to people anymore. People tire me, no matter how nice our relationship is. My best friend, she is the one that could never tire me (and whenever we fight from little things because we stayed together too much, we make up and feel awesome). Family doesn't count, family is a part of ME. I am talking about people I meet, people I am obliged to spend time with... In a way it's good, for I used to give my feelings away for a little in return and always get disappointed.

I am in the stage where it is my interest above all, whether it's to have a company when I do something or simply just like that. But this doesn't mean that I don't give a damn, it means that I am not looking for friendship. I wouldn't reject one person if it would be the case, but the few last years, whenever I trusted a person, they disappointed me. So I prayed to my God to give me the strength to simply not attach myself and it happened. I have a friendship that I would not trade for anything else. I have a few other friends [2], but the rest of the people who ever expect me to get attached will wait in vain.

I learnt to socialize without thinking that everytime someone gets close to me, it means something real. And surprise, now people crave to get inside my mind and my heart. I don't need that. What I need is someone I can't resist and so far, I have resisted everyone and I am resisting whoever I couldn't, before. I have resisted an ultimate proposition from a man I loved for 3 years because I knew I'd suffer for years after the 1 hour of glory. I am constantly resisting and it's not because I plan to anymore, it's how my mind got educated. But this craving that people has is tiring me.

I am the kind of person who likes to choose when to do something and to make the first step. I always lose interest if a person comes to me and offers him/herself. I am the kind of person who will go at the end of the subway station whenever I see someone familiar, because I hate to be bothered when I listen to music. I am the kind of person who hates small talks. I need balance yet I fall in extremes. So far there's one person who makes me feel at ease.

Maybe that sounds offensive, but if you prefer me to lie, then treat this post as a joke and move on. Love isn't a word to use in vain and it has already been stained by so many pigs out there that it lost its value. What value can a word that has been used in its most blasphemic and disgusting way possible, have? I tell you that it is no value that most earthlings can grasp and using it will only taint it more.

...Are you still wondering why I like Salad Fingers?



Ma cac pe senzatia de cacat pe care o am de fiecare data cand se intampla ceva bun SI DUPA AIA SE STRICA TOT. Adica, ma fac featured ca dupa aia site-ul sa intre in maintenance, ceva ce nu s-a intamplat de luni de zile.

Si, apropo...sunt tristi oamenii care au ajuns la concluzia ca doar pentru ca au citit trei carti de filosofie si caca trei citate si o mie de neologisme intr-o discutie or sa ma umileasca pe mine. De fapt, cea care se amuza sunt eu: daca ai nevoie de o haita ca sa-ti marchezi teritoriul, inseamna ca esti un adevarat mascul intelectual. Si acum e un moment in care a spune cacat imi da o stare de exaltare. Cacat. Am mai avut stari din astea. Nu am nevoie de termeni filosofici ca sa epatez si nu am nevoie sa epatez, de fapt. Am chef, in schimb, sa scriu asta acum pentru a nu scuipa in fata. Altii prefera sa scuipe in fata.

Asaaaaaa. Si acum sa ma mai amuz putin: stiti noua moda preluata de la homeless la baieti [ma rog, si fete dar la ele cica e sexy]? Aia cu pantalonii lasati atat de tare incat se vad jumate din chiloti. Care-i faza mai exact? Adica, daca mergi pe strada si ti se vede juma' de cur invelit intr-o pereche de chiloti si iti cad pantalonii de pe tine esti in trend? Bine. Stiti ca si oamenii strazii se imbraca asa, dar ei saracii n-au incotro...

Unul din filmele mele preferate e Pulp Fiction si al doilea motiv [primul e Tarantino si atat] e ca oamenii aia [mai ales Vince si Jules] isi exprima parerile intr-un mod exceptional. Seamana perfect cu my best friend and I. Da, imi place romgleza pentru ca am doua limbi materne. :) I am sooo glad that she watched it with me and loved it!! In sfarsit putem avea movie referrences din PF.

Asa, si acuuum....veselia:

VF Featured

But of course I will write about this. Funny that I ranted that I was never featured member on my favorite site some days before I got the "prize". :D Featured member means being on the main page of a site with more than 1 million users, feel popular and kewl as well! :D

[click the image and get an account NOW! :D ]

Yes, I am proud of this. It made my day.



...cac pe spiritul de turma. Mi-as dori sa vina un lup mare si sa le sfasie pe toate "oile umane". N-am nimic cu OILE. Dar oamenii se cred deasupra animalelor, asa ca de ce nu se POARTA ca atare?

Si, pe langa asta, constat cliseul ca nu poti sa ai incredere in nimeni, frate. Am ajuns sa prefer atitudinea flegmatica si oarecum de "nu ma bag cu capul in fata" in locul sangvinismului fals al majoritatii, plini de promisiuni si pupaturi in cur. Cand spun "nimeni", nu mai are rost sa spun ca exista cateva exceptii. Insa nu vreau sa primesc osanale [OSANALE :X], dar nu mai vreau extreme, oameni care din senin isi schimba atitudinea si nu stii de ce.

De aia am devenit oarecum antisociala, in sensul ca evit sa ma atasez de cineva si creez imaginea unei persoane care nu iese, nu are prieteni etc. Si ca sa clarific: ohooo ies, dar pentru ca nu imi plac cluburile si barurile de roc (eventual dupa ora 7) asta nu inseamna ca stau in casa.

Am asa un chef sa ma iau de articolul EMO din Libertatea [unul adept emo, NEPROTEJAT de ghearele "suicidismului" curentului emo, a vrut sa se sinucida in acelasi timp cu gagica-sa], n-am stare. Si am asa un chef sa ma iau de tampenia asta de "Fermier, caut nevasta" - care mi se pare unul din apogeurile manelismului romanesc, dar n-am stare...

Sa tineti minte ca daca sunteti emo, va trage curentul. Si sa mai tineti minte ca procentul de taranime [in sens negativ] trebuie sa fie aproape de 100% ca sa ajungeti la televizor. Si sa mai tineti minte ca ma cac pe toate astea [am avut probleme cu stomacul zilele astea si n-o sa fie prea gratios, dar meh.]. Toti adeptii tampeniei sa-si imagineze un cacat tinut in intestine vreo 3 zile asa. Braaavo!

Daca asta a fost scarbos, atunci tarfele din barurile de fite cu nume gen Alisia Partescu [numele e ales la intamplare] si haimanealele cu gel in cap si 3 randuri de burti si cefe ce dracu mai sunt? HAAHAHAHAHA.


I like a nice red lipstick on women, not all women, but if it's done in a classy way, it can look good. And contrary to popular belief, black lipstick can look classy, too.

But there's this new invention that I can't get the hang of and it looks extremely disgusting. Lip gloss. WHY?!... Why do you have to look as if you're drooling all the time? And to add: small flies and insects always glue to your lips and when you keep it for a long time, there's a white line between your lips and it looks as if your spit is dry. Maybe what I wrote is graphic, but what's more graphic is that crap on your lips.

And aside from all that, it's uncomfortable. I wore that crap once and my hair kept sticking to it, my fingers were sticky, everything was sticky, not to mention the prints you leave on a glass. BLERGH.




Sa ma apuc sa spun cat ma seaca toata indoctrinarea asta despre Antonescu? Nu am sa ma apuc, pentru ca nu vreau sa risc, e un subiect delicat. Doar atat spun, ma oftica indoctrinarea asta, iar lumea normal ca va crede ce spune televizorul, nu adevarul.

Oricum, mi-e dor de pestele asta care ma urmarea mereu prin apa. Dupa o vacanta imensa, n-am chef de nimic ce nu contine cuvintele "party, friend, music, out, sun, cola, sea, sand, mountain, NCIS" etc. N-am chef sa bolborosesc mult. Am cautat doar un motiv sa pun poza asta. :))


Stamps & Co.

I've been occupying my geek time with learning how to design stamps. Stamps are another rather useless way to make nice graphics, like icons and such. So I made a few and when I previewed them, I realized that there was NO transparency in that area with the small white /\/\/\/\/ that makes it look stampy and instead of that, it looked like a regular picture.

So I searched for some templates and I made these:

This is Gibbs and I as NCIS Special Agents, haha [my best friend took the photo of me and the photo of Mark is courtesy of CBS, I suppose].

This is for my cult on vampirefreaks. [the background photo is mine]

This is just the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. [photo courtesy of its owners, I am not sure exactly who].

I will put the usual DO NOT STEAL, etc message, but I don't think anyone would steal this crap. :)) Anyway, I like them, they're a way to show that boredom can be creative.



Nope and Jethro:

My Blue Nose Friends :P

Some people get drunk or waste time with nonsense, others just find something to do. Whenever I am sad, lonely or simply alone, the thing I do that always makes me feel better is buying myself a toy. Yes, a toy! I have a thing for toys from Diverta, especially the Me To You and the My Blue Nose Friends. I have over 15 Me To You Tatty Teddies [including my two favorites, Jethro and Nope] and these 3 days I managed to buy myself 5 My Blue Nose Friends toys [a lion, an elephant, a zebra, a giraffe and a duck]. I know that Diverta toys are very expensive, but I'd rather spend my money on toys than on alcohol. I get amused whenever I go to the cashier with toys, wearing leather and gloves and people look rather curious at me. :))

So, I will post a photo of a few of my Me To You teddies and My Blue Nose Friends, as well as my other collections: action figures [ex: Predators, Predalien, 2 iron Predators from iron fairs, Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, Jigsaw the puppet + tricycle and John Kramer from SAW, the whole LOTR Fellowship + Nazghul + Bilbo, The Crow ~ with and without make-up]. I also have a collection of coca cola cans with promotions, different designs, types, flavors, etc and I am buying, so if you go to another country and you find a cola can [CANS ONLY] that has a drawing on it with a promotion or it simply looks different than the usual, let me know and you could even earn some extra bucks. :). I also collect mini-motorcycles and cars.

I love my collections, as childish or lame as they might be. Whenever I buy a toy I feel happy and better so why not?

Excuse the ugly stove, but I currently have no other place to put my cola cans. Besides, it's not even in use at the moment.


Finally, after 3 months, after tons of scenarios, after dreams and suspicions, questions and supposed answers, season 7 is here: