I have noticed something that people often do that ticks me off really bad. I should add that I am not self-sufficient or easily pleased, so this is not the reason why it happens.

It happened today, as well and I made a test to see if people do it again and they did, so it kind of filled the glass.

Whenever I say that I have accomplished something, anything, from managing to figure out how to install a program, to deciding to watermark all my photos, to finding out a new technique in editing a photo or an animation, someone HAS TO COME and say: "Oh, let me recommend you a better thing to do" or "Oh, but instead of watermarking them like this, you could steganograph them" (yeah, I would like to do that), or "Oh, but I do it so much easier, let me tell you" etc.

Look, I don't CARE. All I said was that I was glad that I discovered something and all I'd like to hear from you is either "Good for you" or nothing at all! I don't want to know a better way or an easier way or whatever. I just let you know that I am glad with what I've achieved. You don't have to come and tell me how much better your suggestion is.

When I ask for a suggestion, then it's different. Then I WANT you to tell me.

Today I was happy that we managed to add more space on my C:/ drive and of course, someone had to come to tell me how to build I don't know what external power source, whatever. I don't fucking care, all I wanted to tell you is that I am glad that my system has more space.

People have such an urge to affirm themselves, to show off with how awesome they are that they often forget the difference between asking a suggestion and just stating an event.
*photo taken in Italy, 2009.


Michael said...

I have no idea how an external power source may help when you have insufficient free space on a HDD, but maybe the one who tried to help knows something I don't :)

PS: I was just joking when I said "format C:" :D

the elder said...

It's ok. :) I am not upset on you! :)) I'd have given you as an example otherwise! :P

Miss Ant said...

asta e ca atunci cand te stresau sa te uiti si la House pe langa NCIS ? P.S.: This is Violet.