I have always enjoyed the feeling of walking on the street and seeing something or feeling a scent that brings the EXACT state of a previous experience. It feels as if a part of me has been cloned to that time, good or bad and it's reliving that moment from a different perspective, maybe a more enlightening one. I got addicted to it, but what's funny is that I cannot control it. It just comes and fades, like a shiver. I could say that it's pretty much like erection when you're very young, but I'd be too explicit, eh?..

It comes with strength and pallor, both at once, in vivid and faded colors and states of minds, it swipes me off my feet. I used to call it "life-is-boring" whenever I had it, when I was a child, but it had NOTHING to do with boredom. I have no idea what made me give it such an odd name, maybe it's because I had it only when I used to look at concrete walls.

Now, it's everywhere and it mostly comes when I look through the tree branches, emptied of leaves and I remember about that place. I used to look at branches back then, too and somehow, I knew that the moment will come and I'll only meet that place in one of these clone states.

I like to believe that I live in another dimension.

*I didn't abandon this blog, I just hated the new editor. Now I switched it back to the oldskool one and I'll be back. Oh, and hi, Rocky. :)

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