Ohh, look at him play..! Summer...I miss summer. I miss the freedom of summer. This guy had such a nice way of playing, it was a pleasure to just watch him enjoy.

I'm a water person. In fact, I'm a combination of fire and water. People say that I am not mature.

I believe it's more mature to admit to yourself and the rest that you enjoy doing such things (and others), rather than putting on a mask of maturity that only serves you wrong. What does maturity have to do with playing games or collecting toys? That is not maturity, that is a form of levelling to a "principle" that nothing that inspires childhood is cool.

Well, childhood is the most beautiful part of life, or if not, it is supposed to be. That doesn't mean that one should act childish at an old age, but to not be ashamed of a passion that doesn't fit the standards of society.

Look at him play..to some it seems so lame, but I felt so good to watch him. He was one with water and me. :)

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