No, I am not pregnant, but a lot of the girls I've met online and offline are. Almost everyday I am rather "shocked" to find out that one of the people I've been talking to is scheduled to deliver soon. And yeah, this is my blog and I do have the right to judge whoever I want. Most of them are 19ish, their puberty zits still haven't passed and they dream about being mothers.

I am starting to feel awkward by NOT being pregnant nowadays. Why is this tendency to rush everything in life? What will you say new about yourself when you'll be 30 [looking like 60]? Some of these girls are indeed happy to be mothers and I won't be hard on them, although I still find it rather irrational to waste the time when others take care of you, when you can go for a week in the mountains without having to look after a child.

Or, I could just satisfy my own rant by saying that this generation IS degenerated and end the discussion. Counter-arguments? Plenty, I assume. Please, do tell, that might change my opinion if they're strong enough.

And then there's the horde of brainless things that MUST have their wedding on Valentine's Gay. I am not amused. I am bothered, for there has never been a Single's Day. I celebrate Single's Day and give the various reasons to which being single is better than dating someone just to date. I look around me and see so many people that engage in a relationship only to have somebody.

To quote Crazytown [since it's the closest example I can come up with right now]:

Girl, you’re not the one.
You’re just a one night fling.
Some ass to hold this casanova over.
Till the right girl pass,
I’ll drop this lifestyle fast.
Cuz what I’m really looking for
Is the one will last
And make my present past.

Being single is a condition that a few people can endure, especially in a world of commercialized feelings, of hearts made of paper [and plastic for the Romanian version] and marriages built on the 10 seconds to Mars [or 4,5, it depends on each person's "potency"]. But I consider being single instead of being with a low-life to fit in as one of the supreme acts of freedom, love-wise and maybe not only. Freedom should be the absence of constraints, right?

And I play my own tunes, my own harmony. :)

But love...love is something unearthly. Ahh, and I have become too "hard-to-get". I needed to say that. :)

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