What should I write?... It was a day that looked like night and this voice sounded in my head.

Should I write about the stars...or about the things I miss? Should I tell you what I've been doing 2hr36min ago or should I speak in years? I don't regret sleeping with ghosts. Should I write about terror and misfortune? And if I face my heart, will I be able to speak to it or it'll die in my hand? Should I write about... I hate being alone in this room, there's someone behind me all the time.

I will get back to the daily mundane ranting, but for some reason, whenever I come here, I feel rather esoteric.

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Michael said...

I think it's called writer's block :)

Even though the question is probably rhetoric, I'll give a suggestion: write about Neverland :) I find this lovely weather inspiring.