Visit my mother's blog. Check out her photography and drawings, they're great quality. AND be respectful to her or else you'll have to deal with the geek wrath and it is not pretty. :)

Other than that, today was my last exam. I have this incurable shiness to talk to teachers that sometimes only makes me look like a total fool, but it's fine. I made sure to tell them that I am very shy and when they gave me confidence, they realized that this was the reason for which I was so quiet.

But I am treating myself with my digital scrambling, or what others may call "art" and if you want to see it, make an account here and then let me know and I will direct you to my portfolio (that's because I knoooow the business). BUT I know that nobody will do it, so whatever. :) If you use THAT link, visit my stuff and enjoy anything from my portfolio AND I see that you used my referall code, I will make you some very cool stuff for free, so think about it. I've been told that my graphics are good and I also got paid to make, so... :D

Alright, I am going to diminish my ego and just say...see you all later. I was surprised how many people said "let's meet" in the poll (many in the sense of more than half of the 16 users):

I would meet you [maybe], if I knew who you guys are. :P I'm glad you want to meet me, though.


Shimmaya said...

Your mother's drawings are amazing!Instant +follow <3 ^^

the elder said...

Awww thank you! She'll appreciate that! :)

Michael said...

Congratulations for finishing your exams. I'm sure you did great :)

Your mother is very talented. Now I understand your passion for horses and art. I guess it runs in the family :)

the elder said...

@Michael - Awww I appreciate it! :)