I got inspired when I had a "color a black and white" photo on vampirefreaks. While most people made the skin color "skin-like" and all natural, I found that boring. I mean, if I have the ability to give any color I like to a person, why would I make it natural? At least in my own little digital world, I like to make the unnatural - natural.

I haven't seen Avatar yet [I will watch it eventually], but I thought that blue would be a good color for a person. I don't know who the girl is [the photo was provided to us by the contest maker], so if anyone knows her, let me know and I'll add her name here.

I am starting to like this. Tomorrow I will look at people and imagine them in colors. I didn't upload it full size, I have a bandwidth and I don't want this photo to eat so much from it. [click photo for blogwise "full" size]

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Miss Ant said...

Avatar is enjoyable ^_^