Fear and Wonder

Does the future scare you?...

Does commitment scare you?...

Do they challenge you?

Be challenged. How can one consider living their life if not by taking a chance, making a difference, changing?

I am one of those people who have put behind the idea of commitment [for a while]. Until not long ago I thought that the main reason for this was fear, but it wasn't. The problem was wonder. I want to be amazed. I want to be blown away and I am no idealist, I know this can happen, the man I want exists, therefore it is not an unreachable ideal.

Fear and wonder are so linked, I say. People often misjudge and fear what they cannot understand, but instead of fearing it and being doomed to a narrow-experienced life, they should embrace wonder instead. Wonder makes everything more colorful. Yeah, I am afraid, too, I am afraid of giving it all and thus I give nothing.

Or you can fear and let life pass by you.
[*The black hair isn't my real hair.]

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