• Hello Kitty is dumb. Cats are dumb and annoying, but Hello Kitty must be one of the dumbest "inventions" ever created.

  • Bashing a band because it has a different sound over the years means you're a stuck up snob. The band has evolved [in bad or good, it doesn't matter]. You, on the other hand, remained the same: an idiot.

  • Girls wearing short summer skirts when it's snowing are as lame as rockers wearing leather jackets/boots in summer - don't think that I would excuse those.

  • "Cradle of Filth" is not black metal - who cares if it is black, white, grey, dotted or flowered metal? It's a band and it's famous, get over yourself and stop acting like the snob at point [2].

  • "Ohh, poor you, still single?" they say. I say: "Ohh, poor you, still failing?"

  • My hair gets greasy very fast. If you ever think that I don't wash it often enough, think of this. It's not pleasant to have your hair greasy after 5 hours you washed it, so eat shit. :)

  • There should be special parks for kissy couples. When I wanna stay on the bench, I don't wanna hear kisses and laughter and remind me of how pathetic my life from point [5] is. :))

  • If you want to draw my attention from now on, use your brain, not your body language. Body language doesn't cut it anymore [that also applies for bad remarks].

  • When I tell you that I like NCIS, don't tell me you like CSI. It's like I tell you I like pizza and you tell me that you like to shit. It doesn't compare.

  • I am not moderating my comments on this blog and I don't delete anything, unless it's spam. If you wanna swear me, feel free, you know what they say "what you say about me tells me a little about yourself".

  • All those who love that it's snowing in March deserve to be caught on a mountain, on a huge snow storm, so that they get enough snow for the rest of their lives.

  • There will be less rant posts in this blog and mostly, they'll be concentrated in one post.

  • I hate this whole FTP change. If my blog doesn't migrate correctly, I will abandon it and start a new one. I am disappointed in Google.

  • To all the men I dated/kissed/whatever: remember, you did not have me, I had you. Just so you'd know.

  • I don't like my facial skin and I will edit most of my photos in PS because I am fake, ugly and have complexes. No, really. Really? :))

  • I like to collect Tatty Teddies from Carte Blanche. Yes, they're expensive, but I afford that. I'd rather spend all my money on those than go in greasy/fancy bars until morning and forget everything.

  • I speak two fluent languages, (except for languages I speak with difficulties) but I understand a lot more. That means, if someone writes me in a language that I don't know and presumes I don't understand, I will.

  • I am very nice, I am not a bitch or a cunt or whatever.

  • Michael Jackson would roll in his grave, seeing all these stupid copies of him.

  • I have been insulted and didn't fight back because I found it a waste of time. But if you insult Mark or Metallica, I won't find it a waste of time anymore.

That's all I had to say for now. Sorry for using a harsh language at times, I am pretty tired and this weather isn't helping at all.

[*OLD PHOTO. I don't know why I put that photo. Maybe because Riku looks so happy and I look dumb. Anyway, don't pick on him, he's a nice guy.]


Michael said...

So, you want to migrate your blog to a personal domain? I did this for somebody else a few days ago and it worked like a charm. I managed to import correctly every post and comment from the old Blogspot blog, after a few small modifications to the exported data.

I suppose the new platform will be based on Wordpress, which allows data import via XML. There are a few things which need to be modified, though: Embedded Youtube videos and some other embedded objects. The pictures you posted will still be hosted on Blogspot, but a simple script could collect them all and then put 'em on the new domain.

I can help you throughout the process if you want :)

PS: "Metllica" rullz :D

the elder said...

@Michael - pleaaase do help me!! Yup, it will be XML based, I will give you more details if you need. I'd be really grateful! *hugs*

Oh and yes, "Metllica" KICK ASS! I love you call them the same as I do :D

Miss Ant said...

guilty as charged of liking Hello Kitty. Am I now banned from your blog ? :)) Buuut, you're right with the rest of the stuff.