I sent Mark Harmon♥ an autograph request before Thanksgiving, in 2009, with a photo of me, a letter and two photos of him. On the 9th of March 2010, I received a letter from Burbank, with the two photos of him that I sent, signed "For Diana from Mark Harmon" AND a photo of him, printed on glossy paper, with his signature only. He also wrote my address on the envelope (that counts as 4 autographs). He kept my photo and the letter. This was the best day of my life. He does change my life every single day and he surely knows how to respect and love his biggest admirers.

This is a photo with one of his autographs. I won't post a photo ONLY with his autographs on the internet, though. And I want my best friend to photograph me properly with these autographs, because my own photos suck and I'm too shy to laugh or smile.

This morning I couldn't even type properly, or talk, or walk, or think. I will also not allow comments on this entry, I'd like to keep it as it is...sacred.

Peace. Thank you Mark.