I didn't want to write anything right now, but I was challenged to make an edit based on a tutorial and the outcome surprised me..I love when you start with something, but end up with something else, completely different and better than you expected.

Have I become the virus, the disease of my own self or the cure? Have I covered my eyes, to blind myself from seeing my own disintegration; and my nose, to protect me from breathing not something from the outside, not the smoke of sickness, but my own being? It has become what I feared. This is my analogy. A gasmask should protect one from inhaling deadly gas, but what if that deadly smoke has become you? What if it is not a smoke caused by a fire, but by your inner fire? What if you burned so much that you are the one that destroys yourself?

I can protect myself from danger, but you must protect me from myself. I have become the virus that I feared, the world that I sold, the hate that I fed, for you become what you resent. It's a choice and that choice becomes you.

...Or maybe I am the antibody, behaving like the virus itself, pretending I am what I cannot inhale, so I can fight it. What is the antidote for rage...?

[model: me; edit: me; credits on the photo.]

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