The Sex Addict and the Addiction

Yield to your sins with pride and great honor, embrace them and make them define you. Yet, no matter how pathetic this yielding may look, you still dare to consider me one of the damned.

Well, you see...there's the first case: the people who enjoy to publicly lament about their "lack" of sex; usually that abstinence lasts from 1 week to a month or two. This turns into their personal tragedy. If you need to tell the world that you're going to have such a hard time because you don't get laid for such a short period of time, I should get a pickhammer and show you the real deal. Believe me, you can survive with abstinence and to be frank with you, being so dramatic makes you a big failure. Maybe if your sex life was compromised forever due to a disease or something, then your lament would be fairly understood/approved. You know what? You don't have a sex life and complaining about its lack gives you a short ego boost, that usually makes for juicy "news".

Then there's the second case: the not-so-self proclaimed "sex addicts". Psyeah! And yes, I will pick on David Duchovny, although I like his acting. You're no "sex addict". There's no such thing as a sex addict: an addiction is more serious than this, an addiction can lead to widthdrawal shock and even death and I'm pretty sure that you don't start seizuring if you don't get "it on". You all like to put on this mask of "studness" to impress people. Just stick to your job and spare us from the "sex addict" BS. Jesse James isn't a "sex addict" either, he just likes to sleep with many women, uncontrolled and if you ask me, it's sad to not be able to control yourself. I am pretty sure that if all of you "sex addicts" out there were stranded on an island and would need to survive, not having sex would be the last thing on your mind. BUT, heroine widthdrawal would give you a hard time. You might moan a bit about the lack of cigarettes, but you'd start to starve and you'd give that up, too. You'd light up sticks and hold them like cigarettes for a while, but then you'd be too hungry and thirsty to give a shit. With alcohol there might be a problem, so you'd pray you can find some fruits and ferment them for a while, but your muscles would hurt too much and you'd start banging your head against the floor. But with sex...? You won't start fucking a tree or an animal, be sure of that. You'd probably fuck yourself, but that's not sex...isn't it? :)

So, a man who has sex all the time is a "sex addict" [which sounds scary, manly, studly, amazing], but a woman who has lots of sex is a "nympho". Really?.. And why is that exactly, because "women were created to make children and men, to spread the seed"? Then why was woman given the possibility to have an orgasm - to make better children? Yes, one could say that, biologically speaking they say that it makes for a better conception, but leave it to that. Whoever came up with such a way of describing women that enjoy sex more than "usual" is an idiot.

I said that my blog posts won't be ranting so much as before, but I've been fed over and over again with "news" about sad "abstinent" people and the most disturbing one was the huge sacrifice that some couples made the past week. One whole week without sex, who could survive?... Well, some of them abstinent people are truly survivors for lasting more than 12 months without sex and not collapsing into a terrifying seizure of...no-sex-widthdrawal-syndrome, y'know? They are truly martyrs, the children of the apocalypse, who survived the probably most "flesh-eating" pain...abstinence.

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