You don't know.

I don't understand how some people [especially girls, unfortunately] think that swimming is not a sport and more, when I have this conversation with them and I mention swimming amongst sports, they make the most stupid expression and ask "is swimming even a sport?".

No, dear, it's not a sport, it's totally sedentary.

What brain does she have to not consider swimming a sport? At least if she doesn't know, she shouldn't ask with a tone that suggests that I am being an idiot for considering it the way it should be. But this is off-topic.


Another thing that I resent is being judged without being known. I'm not talking about complete strangers, because I don't have expectations from them, but about people that meet me on a more or less regular basis, but give themselves the priviledge of judging my actions or non-actions in a worse manner than I'd permit a parent to do it. Their so-called morality is being force-fed and "butt-stuck" inside me and hearing them roar makes me look entirely villain, reckless and carefree.

I never understood why some people really need to make my lifestyle their own. I don't take drugs, I don't drink (anymore), I got to the point where I resent even the smell of alcohol, I work and get paid, even if how I get paid and what I work on might not be considered a "serious" job by others, but guess what? I will work all my life. They don't need to make me look like a slothy kid just because I don't work during my Masters. Just because they work doesn't mean that if I may not be in tune with the "important" matters in life, such as homework for instance, or my future job, I am carefree, spoiled and reckless. I don't get this need that some people have to place their own frustrations upon others.

If you are one of those students who don't have a job and get bullied constantly for being "careless", don't worry, your job will kick their asses and that's because when your time will come, you will know what you want to do.

As well, I am not talking about poor people here or those who have a job because they want/have to be employed, but about people who use their job as a weapon, as a plus, as an "I'm so much better and reliable than you, I am building my own life, what do you do all day?" I have a retort to that: "Oh, boo-hoo." A job is not a weapon, a job is a job. This applies as well for relationships: you don't date someone to be in tune with society, you date because you like/love/want that someone.

No matter how much some people want to seem independent and above all, using tricks like these throws them right at the bottom. They don't know what I do when they're not around, I could be training to enlist in the Marine Corps for all I care and judging me based on their ideas will only make my reality more parallel with theirs. :) [si ca bancul cu benzina]

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Michael said...

You seem to have collected a vote for 36+ on the "What's your age?" poll. Is Mark reading your blog? :)

PS: Care-i bancul cu benzina? :D