...out of your mind and into mine...

You know what's really cool? Getting inspired in Photoshop while listening to the Rammstein live concert through your window [that being said you won't figure out where exactly I live even if you know a general location unless you follow me; but don't do that, it's creepy]. And what's even cooler is the memory of 2 years ago's Metallica concert, when I shouted SAD BUT TRUE and the happy coincidence made it so that they played this song right then. Many of you asked me if I am going to Sonisphere and my answer was no; I wanted to answer all of you at once, here, in my blog. Sorry to disappoint. :)

However, as the title says, if you go out of your mind and into mine, I was there these two nights [especially the second night of this festival] and I am sure that I was more there than a lot of people who, quoting my best friend, will only remember the floor and the number of beers they had. I am also giving a message to fellow real "Metllica" fans who never got the chance to see them: seeing them live doesn't make you more or less of a fan. Being a fan means respecting the band, getting the message, not signing your presence at their concert. I know someone who is a real fan of a band that she's never seen live. I could have gone to this festival, I have been offered a lot of opportunities and I declined from the start not only because I have seen Metallica, but because I didn't want to go. I'd like to make it clear to whoever reads this that I don't listen to Metallica a little before and after a concert, this band is my number one at all times. So read this and I won't have to repeat myself all the time.

However, those of you who are real fans and went to this concert or simply know me well enough, I am sure that you went out of your minds and into mine and understood the purpose of my post. :) I know it was a blast, I was there...sort of.

Moving on. I know I haven't been writing here for a while and that's because sometimes, one finds himself in a moment of no inspiration. While some would force themselves into composing a sad song of lack of thought, others simply take a break. My break consisted in visual arts, NCIS marathon and other activities [following the NCIS marathon :))].

I have realized that sometimes, spiritual travelling can be much more amazing than physical. Actually, to some degree, I have forsaken my physical adventures in favor of the spiritual ones. To some degree, as stated. I don't live in Neverland and I am not schizophrenic either.

I have also realized that sometimes I need reasurrance. That's not good, but admitting the disease is one step in curing it. I also noticed that sometimes I am still stuck to appearances, but that is changing.

I will try some freewriting in the future.

[*photo taken by my best friend, modified by me.]


toni strange said...

This is my first comment, Chicken!!! I am glad you mentioned me in the post and I melt for the picture, it's indeed like a CD cover of a very happy and full of life band. Very Abby!:D

the elder said...

@Toni: I am so anxious to receive comments from you! Whenever there's a chance to mention you, I do. :X

You melt for the picture? ^^ You did a very good job with it!

toni strange said...

se vede si gaga!! :X she's looking very sweet at you ;))

the elder said...

You know that when I came to predeal I caressed her head and she sniffed me. We're gettin' more and more acquainted. :D