Introspection 19.0

[Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?]

Religion is something that should give people power, not make them act foolish and disrespectful towards other religions or beliefs or fight in a crowd over a piece of sanctified bread. That is not religion and those people are not religious, but greedy and stupid.

Politics...should be the way to maintain order, to govern, to keep peace, but what has become of that is an entire degradation.
[photo taken by Wind]


Michael said...

It looks to me that going to Greece each summer is becoming a family tradition for you and your parents :)

I wish I could go there on a vacation as well...

the elder said...

@Mike - Yup, it's a tradition all right, it's been going for over a decade, but not only to Greece.

And you will, if you really want to. I can recommend you some awesome places:D