I have given up wishing happy birthdays to friends on my blog because I can personally wish them the best things in the world. However, Mark Harmon wasn't right beside me when his birthday came [09.02.2010] and he is a special friend.

I am in Greece right now, I have been to Corfu [Kerkyra] island and now I am in Thassos island and Mark's birthday was the only sunny day in Corfu. Rain chased us away back in our Thassos, let's call it a third home. :) I love Thassos, I feel like at home here, I made friends here, people that are happy to see me.

So, Mark, this goes to you, have a happy belated birthday [publically because in real life, I celebrated your birthday right then, by the sea]. You make me smile every single day, you are truly a blessing to me.

I miss my home and best friend, but there's not much left until I will be there. I'll continue the introspections, this was only a "pause" post.

By the way, I almost learnt all the Greek alphabet. Stay tuned and in a few days I will add a photo of me taken on September 2nd.


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