Photospection 1.0

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

#1. I believe in Jesus, but I am not religious.

#2. I have dreams of things that I've never done, later to realize that they were exactly how I dreamt.

#3. I have been writing since I was 9, singing since I was around 4-5 and I composed a few songs.

#4. I use Photoshop as a weapon against reality.

#5. I am a smoker and don't yet have the balls to quit.

#6. I have missed a funeral in the family because I think that I have a phobia of funerals.

#7. When I want something, the Universe DOES align so I can have it, one way or another.

#8. All the men that I have dated and hurt me, ended up being hurt, in different circumstances.

#9. I have a strong relationship with my close family.

#10. The TV show NCIS along with Mark Harmon changed my life in good.

#11. I hate alcohol because I drank and felt pathetic.

#12. I have a big sex drive, but I am (very) hard to get. I don't play hard to get, I just am.

#13. I have been into photography for a few years, but I need a professional camera. [Donations? :)]

#14. I love life and hate people who kill themselves or wish to die.

#15. I am a techie.

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