Introspection 22.0

[Day 22 → Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.]

I wish I didn't start smoking. But thanks to an ex-asshole who abused my 16 years old kid mind, I did. It was my fault as well, although at 16, I didn't think very much.


Introspection 21.0

[Day 21 → (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?]

So what if we had a fight?! She had an ACCIDENT, for God's sake. I would rush down and get her help and stay 24/7 at the hospital, regardless of her telling me to go home, no matter how big the fight could've been. If she had an accident in NFSU2 then I wouldn't mind [♥] - she has them often. Besides, whenever I fight with her and my anger management isn't right on, I regret already, during the fight, let alone after the fight.

[photo taken by Wind - Meteora 2010]


Introspection 20.0

[Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.]

I have done easy drugs and alcohol, so I won't really speak from what I've heard or seen. If you need a substance to make you have fun and to give you the status of being cool, then you're worse than those who need a car to get a girl. Those are at least pathetic to the core, they extract their own self and project their masculinity onto a car, but you stick that substance in you and claim that it's you, alright. And then, you get to the point when you puke your brains, walk worse than a baby and look like hell, not to mention not remembering anything.

And then you go to hard drugs and almost kill your parents to get a dose. So...what exactly do I think?

I remembered about the case of this girl. No need to say why or how, it's all written there. There were others who were murdered just like she was. And you wouldn't want me to be the president, I would actually shoot everybody who___ I won't write it, you get the picture, the whole picture.
[photo taken by Wind]

Introspection 19.0

[Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?]

Religion is something that should give people power, not make them act foolish and disrespectful towards other religions or beliefs or fight in a crowd over a piece of sanctified bread. That is not religion and those people are not religious, but greedy and stupid.

Politics...should be the way to maintain order, to govern, to keep peace, but what has become of that is an entire degradation.
[photo taken by Wind]



I have given up wishing happy birthdays to friends on my blog because I can personally wish them the best things in the world. However, Mark Harmon wasn't right beside me when his birthday came [09.02.2010] and he is a special friend.

I am in Greece right now, I have been to Corfu [Kerkyra] island and now I am in Thassos island and Mark's birthday was the only sunny day in Corfu. Rain chased us away back in our Thassos, let's call it a third home. :) I love Thassos, I feel like at home here, I made friends here, people that are happy to see me.

So, Mark, this goes to you, have a happy belated birthday [publically because in real life, I celebrated your birthday right then, by the sea]. You make me smile every single day, you are truly a blessing to me.

I miss my home and best friend, but there's not much left until I will be there. I'll continue the introspections, this was only a "pause" post.

By the way, I almost learnt all the Greek alphabet. Stay tuned and in a few days I will add a photo of me taken on September 2nd.