Ghost Town

And tell me, is it the town or its ghost that frightens us?


On Spirits

On spirits: It can either be the ghost of your long lost relative or idol that's paying you a visit or simple electrical impulses. It is a matter of perception: while to some, the thunder brings fear, to others the lightning does. This neither makes any of the two less imposing or dangerous nor do they exclude each other. They're in tandem, just like spirits through electricity.


Photospection 19.0

Day 19 - A picture of you when you were little.

There you go. I know that my position is weird and I can guarantee you that I wasn't peeing or anything. I usually sit in that position, even today. And I put my vampirefreaks watermark long ago, I am too lazy to add a blogger one. I edited it a bit because since it is an old photo, it looked way too sharp. I think I was 3-4 years old in this photo, but I am not sure.


Photospection 18.0

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.

Loneliness, sadness, this one way track of human corrosion. This is what kills dreams and hopes, this fall into your own lack of power. Lacking. The mighty Unable. The lack of will to power. The killing of hope. When masses turn a dream into a public crime. This is hell, not somewhere else. Turning love into flesh and flesh into earth. Love is unearthly. Love cannot be turned into a feast of maggots and yet it is, day in and day out, by those who kill our dream.


Photospection 17.0

Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

My iPhone. It has changed a big part of my life recently. I didn't think I could handle a smartphone and now I've become quite addicted to it. I will never give or sell my old phones because they have a rather spiritual meaning (oh, the irony), but this phone helped me a lot, many times. It feels like an entity, it's now "My iPhone and I", haha. Oh and please refrain from "Apple is crap" or "HTC/Samsung is better", I don't really care. I notice this a lot, but you know, when somebody shows you something they've bought and they're happy with it, saying that another product is better or that the product sucks is very annoying. You can tell them in another conversation, but NOT when they just showed you what they bought.


Who Knows Where the Light Goes...

Who knows where the light goes?... They say that rivers are an analogy of the spirit's wandering through death. Rivers are indeed mysterious, especially at night. They can carry you in a vortex of adrenalin or leave you to rest on its shores. They can let you drink from their body or poison you later. Their sound can calm you down or render you insane if you spend too much time around them. They're like philosophy, if you ask me. :)

*This photo was not taken with sepia filter, it came out like this because of the light.


Photospection 16.0

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you.

Anyone who can see the light in obscurity, even if the light can be blinding at times.


Does Alchohol Bond People?

You often think that with alcohol, you will make friends/lover(s). And you think that by using this neuron killing substance, you will become invincible and overall cool. You often say that a party without alcohol is useless. You would rather give up on food than on the precious drink. But does alcohol truly bond people? Well, I have noticed that the situation goes just like in this photo. The bottles remain somewhere and spiders find their way, linking them - a symbol of the usual "nobody has been here for a while". This is how it goes with alcohol and friendships. You think that the bond is there, but in fact, it is but a shadow of a bond, a spiderweb, a proof that nobody has been there and nobody probably will. It is the impression that there is something there. In reality, you leave the friendship untouched, in fact, it is dead from the moment of birth.

NF Macro



Kids. They can see the beauty when the rest just pass by. They can say things that leave adults speechless. They can as you a question that not in a million years could you answer. Their honesty can be incisive, but never brutal. If a kid's honesty is brutal, it means that an adult stuck evilness into their words.

Photospection 15.0

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die.

I want to go to Outer Space.
[image courtesy of NASA]



This came into my attention when I recently saw that some bimbo girl has been chosen to represent a pizza company. The contract is offering her free pizza whenever she wants and in any quantity that she wants. It bothers me to see that she didn't even think to order a lot of pizza and give it to the starving people. It bothers me to see that these things only happen to overnight enriched people. They have enough money to eat, but a large percent of the people in my country can't afford a decent meal. It is unfair that these people always get more and more while the rest of the people can't even afford to go out once a month.

The photo has nothing to do with the firm in discussion and I shall not divulge the name of the girl. It is not THIS girl that is the core of all, it is ALL the people who get too much while others have nothing. Maybe one should ponder upon this. And it is not only about pizza.

Made of Water

What if I were made of water?... I could enter anywhere, unseen, unsuspected. I would be a drop on his palm or a tear in your eye or a puddle they'd step in. I could become insubstantial. I'd be oxygen. I would find out everything. I would become the source of life.

[This photo is UNEDITED. The droplets are real. The only filter given to this photo was BW&sharpen. Self portrait, Christmas '09.]


The Way of the Storm

The way of the storm, a one way street that guides the multiplicity of possibilities.

Artist's Spirit & the Mistake Theory

I found this shot after a long time after I went to the concert. This photo's only modification is the addition of sepia due to poor colors. The rest is only my camera's piece of work. I think it depicts the spirit of the artist in its true value and I am not talking about this particular singer, but about the artist in general. It is amazing how a photo can get to the essence of something, apparently by mistake. Yes, because this photo was taken by mistake..but, hell, sometimes, the most interesting things happen by...mistake.

[Photo taken at the ARTMANIA festival - Aaron (My Dying Bride)]

Photospection 14.0

Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

You seem to really want photos of shadows. Fine, here you go: shadows again. What bothers me is that there are three/four more people who don't appear here. But you get the idea.


Photospection 13.0

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist.

Metallica. The best concert I've been to and my favorite band. The photos are poor quality due to heavy rain, misty lens and not a professional camera, but it doesn't really matter. The Memory Remains.


Photospection 12.0

Day 12 - A picture of something you love.

I love it when dreams come true - when although everybody tells you that it can't happen, it does. I love the feeling of accomplishment that you get when something that you secretly hoped for, but everybody said that it can't happen, comes true. I love their looks when they see that it happened. It gives them a hope of their own.

[This is one of the 3 autographs that I received from Mark Harmon, my mentor, at my request. That photo is one of the photos that I sent him.]


Photospection 11.0

Day 11 - A picture of something you hate.

I hate that many things have been reduced to their fake version. I hate those that adore and promote what is fake. Fake nature, fake food, fake feelings, fake bodies, fake personalities. I hate how they claim that they're true and ultimate. But what I hate above all is fake love: a sex drive coated in feelings; girls who claim that they're in love, but their love is only given to some rich guys. Cheating. Lies. Fake clouds. Fake identity.


Photospection 10.0

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most f***ed up things with.

I don't do any fucked up things with anybody. The most fucked up things I do by myself. You really cannot touch what's in my mind. The few who have seen what is in my mind were dazed. So this is the person that I do the most fucked up things with: it's me.


It is always fun to find beauty in every color or shape. Or maybe from outer space. The most interesting shapes come from outer space. You are stellar.


Out of our Mind

Oh, but who said that the mind resides in this body, this head that, with time and the process of dying, becomes a carcass of a soul?... How wretched must this sight be, that the mind is but a fragment of existence. They were religious, monks who served their life and instincts to the Divine. Yet, you can see their bare heads staring at you like any other deceased. Is this the life?


Death of a Picture

You wanted to know if objects could feel, if matter can become divine and yearn to leave to the other side. I visited this abandoned house in Theologos [Greece] for 3 years in a row and I captured how this portrait aged. It might have no life inside, but biology isn't the purpose.
The photo wished to greet me, like it did in the first year I visited it, when it first caught my sight. The eyes were covered and I wished I could lay a veil over it, like they do at the morgue. But maybe it didn't die yet. Maybe it was just dying on me.


My Other World

This is the artist's apparently monochromatic world. There are colors in there, but the naked eye is limited from seeing them. The naked eye has to apprehend to see, from critiques and commentators. And the artist lingers on, in this material world, only to look at the mirror of his parallel existence, his work, rising mighty from the grounds of his mind and spirit, entirely exhilarating. He is doomed to walk the earth in a veil of grey until his colors turn visible, beyond biography.

*Entry for BW Weekend


Shapes & Scales

And it's the scales of the new era that should have curves instead of blades. It's their touch of a cold blade that cuts into the pride of centuries, when people weren't yet turned into pixels and bytes.


Write me a Secret

You wrote me a secret on the wall somewhere in Paris, where I went and of all the buildings there, your whispers have guided me to the right place. It is possible to feel the vibe of one place, one memory that you have never had, but lingers there in the back of your eye as if it happened. It could be a part of a very distant dream of a parralel life. You never asked where the place is, but life leads you there.

Ever noticed that most of the embarrasing situations about women involve heels?

To all the so-called NCIS fans...

This goes to all the NCIS so-called fans who populate the internet lately and, because they have nothing better to do because being retarded must suck, they go and diss the show in every place possible. You can see most of them claiming to be Ziva fans, getting already clinically obsessed with that "TIVA" thing [you know when someone is clinically obsessed when they ceasslessly read into something that doesn't really exist]. Most of the times, they claim that they hate one of the actors, mostly Michael Weatherly or/and his character, Tony, for the most stupid reasons, such as his sense of humor. Why? Because THEY do not have a sense of humor. Only HUMORLESS people can get so butthurt over jokes that are actually funny. Tony has the best jokes, he keeps the humor in the show smooth, you have seen in the latest episode how it can be without him. Yet, these people who claim to be fans and ruin our name over and over, attack the actors, characters and crew. You are not fans, you are a bunch of wankers. And I am getting sick of you. And not me, in fact, all the fans of NCIS are getting sick of you. A true fan would never diss their favorite show in such a way. A true fan would never wish that one of the cast members died. Yes, don't lie, I saw it written "I wish M.W. died." How could you ever write that? How can you dare to call yourself a fan and wish upon their real death?

There is one thing to say in a respectful manner what you dislike and give options and another to actually insult these people who have done nothing wrong to you. Let's see you making something that becomes #1. You have NO RIGHT to insult them. You were NEVER real fans and you will NEVER be. This goes to all the people who insult anything but claim to love it, not only NCIS. I speak of NCIS because it concerns me. You say that you want the "Tony that acts like a man", you could say it nicely and even if most of us disagree, you wouldn't sound like an ass. And must I remind you how much you dissed Ziva when Kate died and now you all love her? Yeah, because you always have to find someone to diss.

Now for sure that if one of you will read this, you will feel offended. You deserve, just for the record. You are low. Go to hell.



They say that the world has evolved. The earth grew monoliths and sky scrapers, the buildings became alive.. but yet the man is still alone. The ground bore scales and horns and the fire, once destructive, became the source of creation and moulding...yet the man is still alone. Enhancement has become the primary way of reflecting someone or something, plastic perfection has replaced the wrinkles of time and feelings and yet in these covers of plastic and pow(d)er, the man is still alone.
For the man will always be alone within the unnatural.