Artist's Spirit & the Mistake Theory

I found this shot after a long time after I went to the concert. This photo's only modification is the addition of sepia due to poor colors. The rest is only my camera's piece of work. I think it depicts the spirit of the artist in its true value and I am not talking about this particular singer, but about the artist in general. It is amazing how a photo can get to the essence of something, apparently by mistake. Yes, because this photo was taken by mistake..but, hell, sometimes, the most interesting things happen by...mistake.

[Photo taken at the ARTMANIA festival - Aaron (My Dying Bride)]


Ioana Filipaş said...

Poza asta e buna de facut poster si lipit pe pereti <3

Pat Tillett said...

I agree with you! Sometimes, the camera just knows...
I'm so glad I found your blog. I really like your photographs.