This came into my attention when I recently saw that some bimbo girl has been chosen to represent a pizza company. The contract is offering her free pizza whenever she wants and in any quantity that she wants. It bothers me to see that she didn't even think to order a lot of pizza and give it to the starving people. It bothers me to see that these things only happen to overnight enriched people. They have enough money to eat, but a large percent of the people in my country can't afford a decent meal. It is unfair that these people always get more and more while the rest of the people can't even afford to go out once a month.

The photo has nothing to do with the firm in discussion and I shall not divulge the name of the girl. It is not THIS girl that is the core of all, it is ALL the people who get too much while others have nothing. Maybe one should ponder upon this. And it is not only about pizza.


Pat Tillett said...

First, I LOVE the photograph. In Japan (I don't live there) they also deliver pizza on little motorcycles.
Second, your message is so true. There are too many people who don't have enough, while others have too much and won't share. It's sad...

the elder said...

Thank you Pat!

Yeah, it really made me angry, especially that our people work hard and deserve money to also enjoy life, not only pay bills.

Horrific Science said...

Jungle. Simply jungle and nothing more.

Little has changed since the dawn of human kind.

We'll have to wait more for and "awakening" to happen.

imhkki said...

nice capture