To all the so-called NCIS fans...

This goes to all the NCIS so-called fans who populate the internet lately and, because they have nothing better to do because being retarded must suck, they go and diss the show in every place possible. You can see most of them claiming to be Ziva fans, getting already clinically obsessed with that "TIVA" thing [you know when someone is clinically obsessed when they ceasslessly read into something that doesn't really exist]. Most of the times, they claim that they hate one of the actors, mostly Michael Weatherly or/and his character, Tony, for the most stupid reasons, such as his sense of humor. Why? Because THEY do not have a sense of humor. Only HUMORLESS people can get so butthurt over jokes that are actually funny. Tony has the best jokes, he keeps the humor in the show smooth, you have seen in the latest episode how it can be without him. Yet, these people who claim to be fans and ruin our name over and over, attack the actors, characters and crew. You are not fans, you are a bunch of wankers. And I am getting sick of you. And not me, in fact, all the fans of NCIS are getting sick of you. A true fan would never diss their favorite show in such a way. A true fan would never wish that one of the cast members died. Yes, don't lie, I saw it written "I wish M.W. died." How could you ever write that? How can you dare to call yourself a fan and wish upon their real death?

There is one thing to say in a respectful manner what you dislike and give options and another to actually insult these people who have done nothing wrong to you. Let's see you making something that becomes #1. You have NO RIGHT to insult them. You were NEVER real fans and you will NEVER be. This goes to all the people who insult anything but claim to love it, not only NCIS. I speak of NCIS because it concerns me. You say that you want the "Tony that acts like a man", you could say it nicely and even if most of us disagree, you wouldn't sound like an ass. And must I remind you how much you dissed Ziva when Kate died and now you all love her? Yeah, because you always have to find someone to diss.

Now for sure that if one of you will read this, you will feel offended. You deserve, just for the record. You are low. Go to hell.

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Lizzie Findley said...

I'm glad someone else feels the way I do, it's nice not to have to deal with all the Haters.